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Real Road Racing and the Nazi Police State

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Germany and it's people, back in the darkest days of the Adolph Hitler regime, had the Nazi Police State thrust upon them, a means to ensure each and every citizen of the State did as they were told - or else. Concentration camps, and/or executions were the order of the day. Ordinary law abiding decent people lived in fear of the dreaded 'late night knock on the door' - the arrival of the detested evil jackbooted Heinrich Himmler and his feared secret police - otherwise more commonly known as the Gestapo. In Nazi controlled Germany, Heinrich Himmler and his Gestapo thugs were free to do as they pleased; the good people of Germany were ruled by fear.

Telling jokes about the Nazi leadership, levelling criticism towards the Nazi leadership, speaking the truth of the Nazi leadership - all acts that would bring down upon moi with ruthless efficiency, the unadulterated raging wrath of the allegedly detested evil bellowing jackbooted Heinrich Himmler and his allegedly equally well heeled Gestapo henchmen.

Nothing, but nothing was beyond these jackbooted overly oppressive and authoritarian thugs - all manner of incriminating evidence was seized from the good citizens of Nazi controlled Germany. Alternatively, in the absence of any desired evidence, the deviously evil Heinrich Himmler and of course his also deviously evil Gestapo associates were allegedly rumoured to have been somewhat adept in the art of producing, and presenting reams of fraudulent documents of fabricated false evidence.

*Photographic evidence even, was also allegedly rumoured to be much sought after - for many of the jackbooted thugs it is allegedly rumoured, had an alleged rumoured penchant for all things photography didn't you know - hence the alleged rumours of oft seized photographic evidence. What a jolly bunch of fellows they all were, particularly leader of the pack - the allegedly much hated charismatic evil jackbooted Heinrich Himmler.

Today, amidst the Real Road Racing State of Northern Ireland, there are alleged rumours of ordinary law abiding decent people - all allegedly rumoured to now allegedly believe in the existence of reincarnation.
Important Notice Any sightings of a reincarnated evil jackbooted Heinrich Himmler and/or any of his evil Gestapo thugs should be reported immediately to your nearest available
Reincarnation Extermination Officer.

*Footnote: In this the 21st century - the digital age - questions would obviously be asked regarding the mentality, and intelligence of even the most amateurish photographer who would claim to have surrendered anything other than copies of his/her legally acquired masterpieces - to any personage, for any reason. One should realise perjury and/or perverting the course of justice, are of course serious criminal offences.

One does of course apologise most sincerely for the foregoing ramblings; sadly, one does have a curious perhaps even morbid interest in world history, particularly evil oppressive dictatorships. Without fail, normal services will now be resumed - one will return to questioning the actions of the MCUI-UC, and all things motorcycle real road racing.

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