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MCUI-UC - How Do You Solve A Problem Like Safety?

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Since the shocking revelations of the John Donnan inquest early last year, the safety of competitors, spectators, ancillary others, and of course the hordes of alleged free loading officials - who generally appear to far outnumber all others at any given motorcycle real road racing event in Northern Ireland - has been a much discussed topic amongst those with a desire to see the sport continue, and flourish - safely.

On the other hand, there are probably those people who want the sport to flourish for other dubious reasons - the acquisition of Government funds perhaps; it is after all what makes the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round - useful to for purchasing that new car you've always wanted - allegedly. For them, safety is allegedly nothing more than a byword - or another means by which to allegedly extract funding in the form of grants from those eejits up at Stormont - or to put it another way, just another method of allegedly getting their grubby little paws on our money.

Back in February 2010, it was suggested all officials should be Government tested, and licensed - all officials to undergo a theoretical learning and practical training period - then pass a theory test, followed by a comprehensive practical test, but how do we protect the riders? A seemingly impossible task, but the risks could be substantially lessened - by training!

In April 2010, we then learned a little more about 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited, apparently an umbrella organisation which represents the four governing bodies of regulated motor sport in Northern Ireland on issues which are common to all disciplines. Safety perhaps? Perhaps not the subject for facetious remarks - one does of course apologise.

These issues include, according to their website, increasing the level of government funding for motor sport, the improvement or creation of facilities, dealing with legislative issues which affect any aspect of motor sport and the provision of training for clubs in order to increase their professionalism - allegedly!

Rewind now if you will a few more short years when our beloved MCUI-UC allegedly acquired a government grant of £2500.00 for the alleged purpose of training new riders.

For the privilege of participating in these away days at Kirkistown, the alleged unlucky newcomers were allegedly charged £40 per day for their training. Obviously one would want to ask where the alleged £2500.00 went on its alleged vacation, or perhaps it's allegedly resting in the now legendary bank account of Father Ted.

With safety conscious officials such as those in the MCUI-UC, we can all attend real road racing safe in the knowledge that the MCUI-UC is in charge of - our safety - and allegedly our money. One does wonder though who allegedly cooks - oops typo error, I do apologise most sincerely, let's start again - one does wonder who allegedly performs the menial task of book keeping?

Perhaps the MCUI-UC will turn over a new leaf this year, begin a new chapter - one that is open and transparent. Yes, one does unfortunately realise the allegedly corpulent Dinosaurs are living proof that pigs do fly.

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