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How Financially Secure is the MCUI-UC? Really!!!!

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As mentioned in an earlier posting, moves are allegedly underway to rid the sport of motorcycle racing here in Northern Ireland of the MCUI-UC hierarchy, or as some in our midst would allegedly refer to them - the Dinosaurs. One really cannot think why!!

Hopefully the blood letting will commence sooner rather than later, that the mass culling of the Dinosaurs does not falter, that prisoners will not be taken. Each and every one of the Dinosaurs along with their family circle must be given the Order of the Boot - they're all allegedly tainted with the same disease. No honoury positions bestowed, no consultancy positions, no advisory positions, no jobs for family members, no anything, zero, zilch - castrate them from all things MCUI-UC.

The MCUI-UC it would seem, is in a spot of financial difficulty you see - allegedly that is. In an earlier posting, one mentioned there had been alleged trifling little problems with due insurance policy instalments, allegedly the piggy bank had spat out its last penny - who needs insurance for motorcycle racing events?

This month it is rumoured, it is again alleged there is a slight shortfall in that direction, but then again, what's an alleged £75000.00 between friends. Perhaps a cap in hand trip down to the local friendly bank manager is in order. Perhaps the Dinosaurs will offer some of their mansions as collateral, perhaps Dinosaurs will be seen flying - from the coup d'etat - perhaps pigs will be seen flying over Dundrod - and whilst we speak of that hallowed place - Dundrod.

Further rumours flying low around the Northern Ireland motorcycle racing fraternity allege it might be the case that the Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club Limited - they of Ulster Grand Prix aka UGP fame - are allegedly a little overdue with around £20000.00 allegedly owed to the aforementioned MCUI-UC for insurance no less - allegedly of course - after all, nothing of what I say is true - is it?

So what happens if the Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club Limited fails to pay the £20000.00 or so which they allegedly owe or allegedly don't owe the MCUI-UC? Expulsion from the MCUI-UC perhaps - surely not, for that would herald the end of the Ulster Grand Prix - already a loss making event by all accounts - and speaking of accounts.

Had one some sense, one would most probably attend a meeting of the MCUI-UC and ask the MCUI-UC Secretary how this alleged situation was permitted to allegedly spiral out of control. One actually should do so, but unfortunately the Centre Secretary allegedly no longer bothers to make an appearance at these meetings, perhaps the Secretary has other more pressing matters to deal with elsewhere, or simply isn't in the mood to answer questions. And, there is another point that merits a few words - the majority of Clubs organising motorcycle race meetings under the auspices of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, are also Limited Companies, therefore one would allege that accruing such debts could quite possibly be illegal trading, particuarly so when there are few, if any, apparent saleable assets - allegedly. Based on the foregoing rumours and allegations, none of which are of course even remotely true - perhaps - the question is then - how many of the Limited Company motorcycle clubs here in the North of Ireland, including the MCUI-UC - are actually financially solvent?

These alleged revelations have prompted one to make further Freedom of Information requests - Lisburn City Council has been asked to supply information regarding funding which they have made towards the running of the Ulster Grand Prix - rate payers money, most of whom have no interest in real road racing, money that could have been spent more wisely elsewhere.

And the MCUI-UC – the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - what funding have they received from DCAL since its inception in 1999? A Freedom of Information request is asking the aforementioned DCAL that very same question.

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