Wednesday, 22 December 2010

UGP Recession Proof Real Road Racing

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Southern Ireland - the Republic of - is for all intents and purposes – bankrupt. So to is our own wee country - Northern Ireland - special thanks for this state of affairs must of course go to the evil bankers, the borrow and spend your way out of annoying little financial problems Labour Party, and our very own local waste of space and money - the parasites on the hill that is Stormont.

Now in the midst of this prolonged recession we have the UGP organisers’ announcement of a massive price increase for their 2011 event - a two thirds increase in admission fees - up from the £15.00 of 2010 to £25.00 and the cited reason - the scumbag fans who evade paying by crawling through miles of Dundrod mud fields. To give a reason for anything is to breed a doubt of it, so no matter what the spurious reason might be for this scandalous decision, what better time than this to increase admission fees to the Ulster Grand Prix - an already dead in the quagmire event some would say - and if not - this is surely the last nail in the coffin.

On the other hand, the foregoing scum have nothing on the dinosaurs, they who've been sucking the life and soul out of the sport of motorcycle racing here in Northern Ireland for years. Attend virtually any real road race meeting in Northern Ireland and you'll allegedly be in the minority - you are not an 'official' - you are not scamming the benefit system whilst living the all expenses paid high life - free accommodation, free meals, travel expenses, free access to all areas, and almost forgot - nor are you one of the vermin actually receiving monetary payments – all an alleged scenario of course.

Whilst most reasonably intelligent real road racing fans would have welcomed and approved the alternative headline - UGP Slashes 2011 Admission Fees - few if any would have appreciated or understood the reasoning behind the breakfast spoiling shock price hike news so indicative of a mindset that just like the dinosaurs - cannot be reasoned with for they have no reason.

Yes, admittedly the two thirds increase only takes the admission cost up to a measly £25.00, and whilst crowds do flock to British Superbikes where the cost for a couple of days entertainment is somewhat higher, there are other subtle superior differences. Ever attempted to access and park your prized possession in the middle of a ploughed Irish swampland? Not an easy task. On the plus side though it does aid the local economy, many are the grateful farmers who've generously taken the time to extract those in need from the clutches of Mother Earth at Dundrod - for an extortionate fee.

Another small issue is the toilet facilities, not much of a problem for primitive macho men, many go where they stand - us ladies though are more refined and discerning, preferring not to make a public spectacle of ourselves, or an exhibit for the attending voyeurs. Eating establishments around the Dundrod area are hardly 5 star either, sporadically located pushers peddling alleged over priced antibiotic-resistant salmonella burgers - the only alternative to snaring and cooking a few of the local rabbits over your campfire - a problem all of it's own when you're under assault from the wet stuff that frequently falls from the skies around Ulster Grand Prix time - and only in the vicinity of Dundord at that.

Another insignificant problem with the UGP is the International status it proudly boasts – which leads one to believe the cream of top class riders from around the World are to be seen fighting tooth and nail for glory, serious injuries, or death. Not so, but then again there are of course the local crop of between the hedge specialists, and those unable to compete successfully in other International events – BSB, WSBK etc etc, although one has to be honest – most can talk a good race - almost.

If not for the dinosaurs, most likely this wee country could have had its very own World class International race track by now - where we could enjoy watching our real Superstar motorcycle racers competing successfully against real International riders from around the World – Eugene Laverty, Jonathan Rea to name but two of the numerous local riders with the necessary self-belief, courage, passion, and commitment to compete at the highest level of their chosen sport.

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