Thursday, 30 December 2010

Saint Peter of Stormont, The Deputy and The Water Diviner

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Shambolic, ineffective, not fit for purpose - fine words that effortlessly spewed eloquently forth from the silver tongued mouth of Saint Peter of Stormont, whilst by his side stood but two of his faithful noble disciples - Deputy Dawg the Brewer, alongside Conor the Water Diviner. Brave noble words, not fired in the direction of those responsible for the current difficulties that has rained down upon their faithful devoted peasants - words directed not at themselves - rather at the nearest available scapegoat, probably that guy who must have received a Blackberry from Santa - the Blackberry he was allegedly playing with while the rest of us were dying of thirst - whilst drowning in the flooded streets of Northern Ireland.

Shambolic, ineffective, not fit for purpose - fine words to which one could probably add - control freaks, arrogant wasters, verbal bully boys, despicable sewer rats, Tandragee, chicane, straw bales - all fine words that allegedly one might use whilst referring to dinosaurs, if indeed there were such ghastly despicably grotesque beings still roaming our beautiful countryside, but since there isn't - one obviously can't make use of the foregoing words to describe them - allegedly.

Perchance though, what if Jurassic Park had been a documentary, if dinosaurs really did again exist in this the 21st century, one does wonder how perhaps they would then pass the time of day in this wee country of ours – now if they had an interest in the sport of motorcycle racing – oops, forgot - they’d never be able to survive – how would it be possible to earn a crust from being in control of all things motorcycle sport in such a wee country as Northern Ireland?

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