Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Do We Live In A Democratic Society - Or Not?

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Even if it does currently resemble a third world country, it's nonetheless sometimes difficult to believe we live in a democratic society - one that allegedly believes in the human rights of its people, each of whom have a right to voice their opinion, and the right to listen, or not listen to the opinions of others.

Each of us has the right to be heard, each of us has the right to hear the opinions of others, and each of us has the right to choose what we believe - whether it's an opinion we've listened to, or read - on a forum for instance.

Apparently though, there are allegedly those in our midst who believe we don't live in a democratic society, who don't want to hear, or read the opinions of others, who'd probably rather we didn't exist - except when they want to get their grubby little hands on our hard earned cash that is. And with our less than democratic government sitting on their fat posteriors up on the hill at Stormont while the rest of us die of thirst, the extreme cold, potholes the size of our empty reservoirs and who knows what diseases are lurking in the filthy water they're dishing out - who could possibly blame those who would have us banned from speaking the truth?

Earlier this year, at the alleged behest of *******, a website with no alleged links to the MCUI-UC, or the dinosaurs - banned little me from their forum for daring to speak the alleged truth about the alleged dictatorial MCUI-UC and the John Donnan inquest revelations.

This was the inquest during which Tony Harvey, incident officer for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland Ulster Centre, who had allegedly conducted a review of the incident, said "It could only be described as a freak accident and a risk competitors accept in the pursuit of their chosen sport"

This was the inquest during which it was said "I can't remember the man saying anything sensible other than nattering away in my ear. If someone is constantly coming at you it is easier just to ignore them" Remember who uttered these now infamous words in Court - No, it wasn't the village eejit - allegedly, it was Richard Nesbitt, alleged convenor of the MCUI-UC road inspection committee allegedly responsible for competitors' and spectators' safety, the very same person who allegedly claimed there was nothing more stable available in 2007 - More stable than straw bales that is! In the year 2007!

Later in the year, for quite a spell, the aforementioned forum then went completely missing - now resurrected - what a convenient alleged opportunity to rid oneself of anything embarrassing that had been written about the MCUI-UC, and the dinosaurs.

Lately, yet another forum appears to have taken a sabbatical, and one has to wonder why - what topics were being discussed - two is what I've heard, though there was probably more - the Harris Healey MCUI-UC media squabble and TAS aka Temple Auto Salvage - that's a scrap yard in the middle of beyond to you, me and the rest.

Alternatively there's Albert and Harold - Steptoe and Son - the stories some of my older colleagues have told about Harold simply beggars belief - someday perhaps, since we allegedly live in a democratic society that believes in freedom of speech - one might consider further researching and publishing aforementioned alleged tales of yesterday.

Quite obviously though, other insignificants - and insignificant items of paddock gossip were most likely being discussed or perhaps not - banter and chatter that may or may not have upset some insignificant other, some insignificant who may or may not have imagined their imagined insignificant self or imagined little empire may have been in danger of being undermined, even exposed - who allegedly has something to hide, one has now to wonder!!!!

Then again, all of the foregoing is a figment of the imagination, none of it is true, it's all been a dream, one was in the shower, dozed off, dreamt it all - after all, we do live in Northern Ireland - nothing here makes sense, not ever. We've had tons of snow, torrential rain - it's always soddin' raining - and now we've no soddin' water - must be dreaming again.

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