Monday, 6 September 2010

Cretinous Real Road Racing Fan Email

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Laugh if you must, but the following email is as received from an obvious real road racing fan, or to put it another way - one of the cretins who think they know something about motorcycle road racing here in Northern Ireland.
Name: get a life
Email Address: youhavetomuchtimeonyourhands@yourareasado.twat Subject: pathetic
Message: if you dont like road racing, dont watch it. SIMPLE! leave the people who choose to invest every penny they have into something that gives them enjoyment alone to do what they want.

if people choose to do something, its up to them, who are you to say they cant? and to actually go to the effort of setting up a blog, just to bitch and moan about things? get a grip! get out more in the fresh air, try to find some friends, and spend your time more constructively

im pretty sure that me sending this will give you some kick of pleasure to keep on posting your drivel, but oh well i thought i would send it anyway to maybe switch a light on in your head and waken you up to realise how sad and pathetic you are.

Attend any real road race event here in Northern Ireland and you'll meet at least one, the loud mouthed cretin so busy spewing out verbal diarrhoea, the actual racing passes him by - the drunkard who next day has to ask who won the race, so busy was he spewing diarrhoea from all sorts of unsavoury places - the dedicated Northern Ireland real road racing fan who will stagger across several miles of ploughed fields, climb mountains, do anything rather than pay a pittance to attend his favourite blood sport - all pathetic individuals.

I've met them all and more, attended to many race meetings in the past, and officially have had the dubious pleasure of confronting these dangerous eejits who think it's alright to get drunk and start fights - this years UGP for instance - and the other mindless morons who believe it's their right to stand on the roadside, endangering the lives of the riders they'd claim are their heroes.

What I haven't recently met at any local road race meeting are 'the people who choose to invest every penny they have into something that gives them enjoyment'

To meet those genuine people who do it for the love of motorcycle racing, you have to move away from the confines of Northern Ireland, travel to the mainland where you'll find the real heroes of our sport - people like Nicole McAleer and her family, John Simpson, Josh Elliott, Nigel Percy and many, many others, all of whom - as if having to invest every penny they have into something that gives them enjoyment - also have to pay an extortionate fee to the MCUI-UC dinosaurs for the privilege of competing outside of Northern Ireland. Scandalous, but then again, when the 'International' UGP is attended by a mere ten thousand paying fans - plus the usual payment dodging scum - the alleged freebie lifestyles of some officials has to subsidised by somebody.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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