Friday, 6 August 2010

Real Road Racing Killers In Waiting!

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Back in June of this year - what a long time ago it now seems - many witnessed what some might say was attempted murder by several competitors from the real road racing fraternity, and allegedly, on more than one occasion it would seem.

The Isle of Man TT, already probably as famous for its unacceptably high death toll as it is for anything else - was thrust into the limelight yet again - not for the deaths and serious injuries that occurred, rather for what might have been.

Allegedly, several of our well known 'heroes' were more interested in money than they were in the lives of their fellow competitors, the volunteer marshals, and the fans whose money their grubby little hands couldn't wait to grab - at any cost it would seem!

Whilst injured riders, some fatally so, lay on the track being attended to by caring marshals, some imbecile fellow riders allegedly demonstrated their utter contempt for innocent life by ignoring the warning 'Yellow' flags being shown. Hence, riders, marshals and spectators alike, were in the firing line as these alleged would be murderous individuals sped past at racing speeds, missing all and sundry by - the proverbial coat of paint perhaps.

Not to worry though, the responsible governing body allegedly took action - and allegedly fined one unnamed rider a pathetic paltry sum. Rightly so, marshals have been angry, threatening even to boycott next years event, but will anyone listen, or even care? Get real!

Does it happen here in Northern Ireland? Of course it does, and what does the Health and Safety conscious MCUI-UC do about? Rumour has it; they just might be waiting until there is a major incident, serious injuries, and fatalities even. And besides, it wouldn't do if they were to upset any of our temperaMENTAL professional superstars of real road racing.

Mister Nelson McCausland (MLA) Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure might, as part of his alleged investigation into real road racing safety issues, have a friendly word with the dinosaurs of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, or then again - does he really care either?

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