Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Nonentity World Championship Nonentity World Champions

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In 1977 the IOMTT was stripped of its World Championship status but responded with the 'TT Formula 1 World Championship' - a one race 'World Championship' no less.

History shows the great Phil Read was entered on a 1000cc four stroke Honda which was based on their rather successful endurance racer of the time - and duly won his eighth motorcycle racing World Championship title. Problem is though, Phil doesn't appear to claim to have won eight World titles - only seven - and who would blame him.

The legendary Carl Fogarty - Mister Superbike, the most successful World Superbike rider of all time - he claimed four WSBK titles before a freak accident with another rider brought his illustrious career to a premature end - otherwise who knows how many World titles he'd now be proudly boasting off. What he doesn't boast off, nor allegedly ever mentions, are is other 'World Championship' titles - come to think of it, I'm not sure if he even bothers mentioning the World Endurance Championship he won for Kawasaki in 1992.

Other notable winners of this nonentity 'World Championship' were allegedly of course - Mike Hailwood, Ron Haslam, Graeme Crosby, Virginio Ferrari and Joey Dunlop.

Strange that the large majority of the aforementioned riders never referred to their astounding 'World Championship' titles - modesty perhaps - or to embarrassed by the nonentity of it all.

Perhaps later this year, the motorcycle racing fans of Northern Ireland will have a 'Real' Road Racing World Champion to boast off.

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