Saturday, 31 July 2010

Irish Real Road Racing Summertime Blues

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What a truly wonderfully pleasant summer we've all been enjoying in this lovely wee country of ours, and it's all thanks to the truly innovatively insane 'Peace Process' dreamt up by people who allegedly might quite possibly have escaped from a lunatic asylum - either that or the rumour it was actually the brainchild of those lovely MCUI dinosaurs, is quite possibly not so far-fetched after all.

Thus far, it's been a summer of bombs, shootings, riots, petrol bombs, hijackings, punishment beatings, more riots, more petrol bombs, more shootings, and more real road racing deaths - whilst just a few miles away - the annual Isle of Man TT provided us with even more not unexpected deaths and seriously injured riders.

On a lighter note, the IOMTT also provided us with the new Guy Martin / Michael Dunlop Show - funny for some - seriously disturbing and disgustingly insulting for others. Hardly surprising though considering the pedigree of these two individuals when both seemingly decided to drag real road racing down into the local sewage system - or was it merely down to their own level perhaps?

The antics of Guy Martin - the embarrassing class clown, every school has at least one - allegedly usually a cover for their obvious inadequacies - his aspirations, if he ever had any, to be a BSB, WSB, or even MotoGP star - a wildly implausible dream by any standards. Guy has found his dubious niche in the world of motorcycle racing - hopefully he survives the ride.

Michael Dunlop though seems to think of himself as being the rightful heir to the vacated Joey Dunlop title of being the King of the Roads, but one has to wonder what the great man would honestly be thinking of this seemingly sullen spoilt brat when he allegedly spoke about not being bothered about going through the hedge when riding close to other competitors. The people who should be exceptionally bothered by his threatening attitude are the fans standing behind those same hedges - unprotected innocent fans who would become mere statistics, but who would care, seemingly not Michael Dunlop in his quest for the spoils of victory.

Perhaps a responsible governing body will revoke the appropriate licence, teams will withdraw machines, sponsors will withdraw funding or will Around A Pound boost the Michael Dunlop bank balance with another infusion of cash - around a pound perhaps!

Save Our Sport From Evil

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