Friday, 14 May 2010

Real Road Racing Annual Dinosaur Migration Junket

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Having crashed at high speed during the final NW200 Superbike practice, Steve Plater, allegedly 41 years of age or thereabouts, is probably now hurting somewhat more than he would have - had he still been a twenty something year old. Well you don't really feel the pain when you're a mere youngster - not like you do when you're old and decrepit - not that I'm implying Steve is decrepit, or that I'm either of the foregoing - unlike many of the Dinosaurs allegedly are.

Whilst ageism, like racism and sexism, is a type of discrimination - in certain circumstances a line has to be drawn on our real road race tracks - especially so when so many lives are at stake. Competitors, spectators - men, women and children - we all attend motorcycle road racing events assuming that every possible precaution has been put into place to ensure our safety. We also assume that in the event of an injury causing incident - experienced, reasonably intelligent physically fit officials will be on hand to assist with, and prevent further casualties.

Instead though, we look around and see Dinosaurs, some allegedly in their late sixties, and even seventies - decrepits allegedly bordering on senility - some allegedly living on state benefits, and these people are still allegedly in charge of our safety!

God forbid my life, or any life, will ever have to depend on a pensioner who can barely walk, and on that point - are these poeple actually covered by insurance, or is the designated insurance company kept in the dark when it comes to not only the age of who they're insuring, but also their physical and mental state?

This morning, many Dinosaurs will have awakened and allegedly wondered what to do next on their great annual North West 200 alleged taxpayer funded migration junket, unlike Steve Plater who'll no doubt still be wondering how he survived such an incredible crash - indeed his HM Plant Honda team obviously had the same thoughts when making a statement about the miraculous escape of their star rider: "Steve is fortunate to have come away from his high speed crash with relatively minor injuries"

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