Sunday, 9 May 2010

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Ulster Grand Handout

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And still our ‘Grand Prix’ organisers are allegedly pursuing £50000.00 of taxpayers money - my money, and that guy over there who's as disinterested in the blood sport of motorcycle real road racing as I am of F1 - his money, and let's not forget in this age of severe recession - education, health, jobs, etc, all far more deserving of our money than a motorcycle real road race that's been in dire straits for to many years.

As with the great North West tourism magnet, the UGP claims to be an International event, but the well used trick of shipping in a handful of overseas backmarkers doesn't fool the more knowledgeable motorcycle race fan in our midst. The real motorcycle road racing fans of Northern Ireland are being deprived of their favourite sport -discriminated against by those blinded by their own sense of importance.

When Dundrod lost its World Championship Grand Prix status, our Governing body should have acted immediately to ensure we had a suitable track designed and constructed, but sadly, the Dinosaurs seemingly had an ulterior agenda to blindly follow.

Many tragic deaths later, with more inquests still to be heard, our Governing body continues to lead us down the one way narrow winding bumpy road to motorcycle racing oblivion.

The MCUI-UC and those die hard fans so Hell bent on having real road racing continue - should dig deep, and fund it themselves.

Congratulations to Eugene Laverty on his stunning World Supersport win at Monza this afternoon. Commiserations to World Superbike star Jonathan Rea, an incredible fight back from a poor start went slightly awry, but at least he walked away from the crash, and the later second race crash. Hopefully he'll have better luck next weekend at Kyalami.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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