Thursday, 13 May 2010

Motorcycle Minds – Global Connection – Form An Opinion

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Motorcycling is more than a way of life - freedom, mobility, independence and an inimitable feeling of being part of the world around us. Now you can involve yourself and help preserve and promote the unique spirit of motorcycling by participating in a new blog called Motorcycle Minds to which anybody can submit articles - so now is the time to have your say on the issues that concern you.

Motorcyclists in different countries have different problems, some are shared, some are unique, but the common denominator is a love of motorcycling.

Motorcycle Minds is pretty simple, it’s a global blog with articles on specific motorcycle issues such as: advanced training, road infrastructure including crash barriers, braking systems, anti-tampering legislation, electric bikes/C02 emissions, ITS on bikes and so forth – the list is endless.

Motorcycle Minds aims to give fellow riders and non-riders an informed foundation to make an opinion. A kind of loose association of like-minded riders, with no pressure of deadlines, but simply the opportunity when there is an issue to comment on.

However Motorcycle Minds is not just about these issues and where it usually leads us to defend our motorcycling. It’s not all safety – safety – safety.

Why shouldn’t we celebrate motorcycling? We should!

After all, it is the best means of personal transport – not just for fun, but in many countries throughout the world it is a family affair, a workhorse, a way of life. In all its sizes, variations (including Sidecars and Trikes), the motorcycle offers freedom, mobility, independence and an inimitable feeling of being part of the world around us.

The blog is available to riders from around the world who have something worthwhile to say about motorcycling.

The idea of Motorcycle Minds was formulated by riders from different countries, including Northern Ireland, and different backgrounds seeking knowledge and viewpoints to put into one place.

Motorcycle Minds - Involve Yourself and Preserve the Spirit of Motorcycling

Save Our Sport From Evil

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