Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Real Road Racing vs. Saturday Night At The Movies

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Just recently, a friend told me he'd read where a motorcycle real road racing fan had allegedly written: 'Where else would you get a full day's entertainment for £10? The cinema will sting you that much for 2 hours viewing.' Difference is though, apart from the sting, your chances of being killed or maimed by the onscreen action is somewhat remote - maybe something to do with cinemas having to comply with strict Health and Safety laws - whereas according to rumour, the motorcycle real road racing fraternity allegedly exploit a loophole in our somewhat lax H&S laws, or is it several?

Those claims made in the past that motorcycle real road race fans wouldn't pay to see World class racing are, one has to concede - most likely quite true - asking a real road race fan to purchase a programme ranks alongside asking the local terrorists - criminals - to decommission ALL of their weaponry - while the mere mention of an entrance fee to a safe from trackside action corral at a real road race event - would cause chaos at our hospitals - all those fans suffering from heart failure.

Others have suggested we remind our local councils, our local business people about the influx of spectators, with money - a motorcycle real road race event brings forth to a chosen designated area of our wee country. Presumably these are the same councils, and local businessmen who've been funding our motorcycle real road racing since almost the beginning of time.

If motorcycle real road racing is to have a future, long overdue strict, and expensive safety measures are to be enforced upon it, all of which has to be paid for by those who claim to be the die hard fans of the sport. The curtains will very soon be drawn for the final time - the free matinee show will be no more - but there's always a good movie on at the local cinema. I hear there's a movie starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman which is allegedly worth seeing - The Sting!

Save Our Sport From Evil

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