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Real Road Racing Gross Negligent Manslaughter Charges!

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A damning paragraph contained within a recent Road Race Commission Report allegedly states the following: ‘Every year at Conference we are offering condolences to loved ones of those who have been fatally injured and admitting that there are safety problems. If Road Racing as we know it is to survive new safety measures which are introduced must be implemented fully and not paid lip service to as in many cases in the past. It is important ways must be found to make circuits safer and have spectators and officials in better protected areas’

Whilst it was allegedly hoped that everyone would buy into the foregoing sentiments, unbelievably, allegedly there was dissension within the massed ranks of the MCUI. That highly disturbing point aside, the contents of the aforementioned damning paragraph surely speaks volumes about the attiude of the MCUI-UC to safety issues over these past years when numerous people have been killed and injured.

More to the point though, it would seem to confirm what most people probably already suspected - there has allegedly been a total lack of any real safety measures being fully adhered to by the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited. As an alleged direct result of safety measures not being fully implemented in the past, people have died, which raises a need for urgent serious questions to be answered by these Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited officials, who it would seem to me at least, have been playing fast and loose with peoples lives - the very people whose safety they were supposed to be responsible for in the first place.

It seems that DCAL officials and Senior Coroner John Leckey have allegedly already put forward recommendations to make motorcycle real road racing safer for all - unsurprisingly though - MCUI-UC officials are allegedly so keen to instigate these suggested new safety measures; they have allegedly enquired if DCAL would be willing to give a period of time to allow these issues to develop.

And why not - in the meantime while the MCUI-UC officials fiddle with whatever it is they allegedly fiddle with, more riders might very well be killed - and perhaps more spectators - children even - but don't be alarmed - if you're killed at the next real road race you attend, a very nice MCUI-UC official will allegedly most likely declare at your inquest 'It could only be described as a freak accident and a risk competitors and spectators accept in the pursuit of their chosen sport"

Some of the recommendations of the Coroner were allegedly already being seriously addressed by the MCUI-UC - indeed some aspects had already been put in place before Tandragee 2007, but in the case of the John Donnan incident - had allegedly not been properly implemented. Other recommendations will allegedly be implemented by the MCUI-UC - on a 'Lessons Learned' basis.

Apparently, the utilisation of straw bales for the 2007 Tandragee 100 real road races chicane, was unique to that particular event, and was no longer in use at Tandragee post 2007 or any other real road race under the control of the MCUI-UC. Allegedly, a more robust stable Lego style structure was being deployed, which resists movement if touched by a competitors knee. Quite obviously, the foregoing revelations - if true - make something of a mockery of the Richard Nesbitt claim that there was nothing more stable available in 2007 - than straw bales that is.

Furthermore, it should be realised that the infamous Tandragee 100 chicane was allegedly originally designed in 2000, primarily to reduce speeds to approximately 60mph - but crucially for the tragic 2007 event - those allegedly superior MCUI-UC officials - allegedly abandoned the original design by means of easing the layout. This redesign resulted in riders being able to negotiate their way through the unstable straw bales at speeds of approximately 125mph, as has allegedly been estimated by several of our leading real road racers.

Quite obviously, had the original chicane design been adhered to for the 2007 event, in the opinion of many sane observers - allegedly at worst - John Donnan may have suffered perhaps a fracture - if anything. Remarkably, the original chicane design, with its through-speed of approximately 65mph, returned for the 2008 and 2009 events.

Based on the foregoing - if true - The Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, and the North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited along with all involved officials - must be charged with gross negligent manslaughter - not to do so - would surely be a serious crime.

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