Monday, 19 April 2010

Real Road Racing Dinosaurs and the External Assessor

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Whilst appreciating the need for sensitivity when discussing such matters, I nonetheless find myself being somewhat curious regarding the issue of insurance cover for ALL those 'Senior Citizens' plus those who might allegedly be in receipt of other 'State Benefits' - officiating at our motorcycle real road race events.

Perhaps it might explain why the officiating standards at our motorcycle race meetings appears to be at best dysfunctional - allegedly fatally flawed at worst - or should that be the other way around?

One has to also wonder if the MCUI-UC has insurance cover for these 'officials' - or perhaps more importantly - has the designated insurance company ever been notified of the ages, physical, and mental capacity of the motorcycle real road racing officials here in Northern Ireland?

Earlier this year the Senior Coroner suggested the appointing of an 'External Assessor' to oversee safety issues at motorcycle real road racing circuits, which is one thing DCAL wants in place as a matter of some urgency - and the sooner that happens the better for all concerned - except perhaps for many MCUI-UC officials.

On the agenda for the immediate attention of the designated 'External Assessor' are the many concerns of the Senior Coroner and DCAL - including the requirement that every effort must be made to ensure that any persons acting on committees should be completely detached from any gain - the urgent need to reduce the speeds of machines competing at real road races, even if it means a blanket ban on Superbikes - the removal of all Personnel, and Spectators from within range of possible accidents - and if the MCUI-UC should decide to obstruct any of the foregoing measures, the time will very soon come when motorcycle real road racing will be nothing more than an entry in our history books - probably under the heading - Extinct Dinosaur Sports.

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