Saturday, 3 April 2010

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog, The Mouse & The Popup

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Strange how there are simple things in this World you never give a second thought to, or a first - words for instance - local slang words, colloquial expressions - every country has them, including this wee country of Northern Ireland - Ulster to some, something altogether unmentionable to others.

Not until I'd started this blog, and overseas followers sent emails requesting definitions of specific words, clarification of names, additional snippets of information, did I realise, a communication problem existed.

Thanks to my backroom techie colleagues though - all motorcycle racing fans - hopefully, they may have solved my wee problem.

As from Halt! Who Goes There? Real Road Racing Friend or Enemy? the new addition to all future posts is therefore - onMouseOver popup information boxes - active text links which, when you run your mouse over it, a small text box magically appears with relevant information, leastways that's what is supposed to happen, if it doesn't - oh dear!

Any bloggers requiring detailed information on how to add mouseover popup text boxes to their blogger / blogspot websites, contact me here, and I will have the guys email out a simple How To Guide.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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