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Keith Richards & The Real Road Racers

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An ageing colleague - alright so he's just reached the grand old age of 53 - not quite Dinosaur territory, but getting there - during a discussion on the woes of real road racing here in Northern Ireland, he compared the whole current debacle with the quotes of legendary Rolling Stones guitarist - Keith Richards

The MCUI-UC for instance, are for all intents and purposes - allegedly as secretive and actively suppressive of all who would dare to question it's allegedly dubious actions, as the KGB was in it's heyday.

Keith Richards on the other hand once announced 'I've got nothing to hide. Nothing's a state secret with me.'

My colleague also mentioned the alleged wanton excesses of some of our past heroes - alleged alcohol fuelled riders competing on our most dangerous of motorcycle racing circuits - with alleged scant regard for the fans whose lives they allegedly endangered along the way - and of course - their own. Nowadays though, we allegedly have the dreaded breathalysers, which are hopefully being used without fear or favour to prevent any alcohol courage fuelled rider from making it to the start line of any of our dangerous real road race tracks.

But what of that other now more common excess - drug use within our modern society is now widespread, and whilst difficult to detect, not impossibly so. Allegedly, the MCUI-UC have been notified on numerous occasions about the alleged widespread use of recreational drugs amongst our real road racing fraternity - allegedly informed even of riders allegedly openly smoking cannabis at race meetings - and according to a casual friend it apparently even made it into the press a few short years ago - yet the immoveable bureaucratic machine which is the MCUI-UC - have allegedly turned a blind eye, and allegedly failed to act. Perhaps it's now time for the Police Service of Northern Ireland Drugs Squad to provide a robust and measured response to this alleged growing drugs culture within motorcycle racing circles of Northern Ireland.

Keith Richards has allegedly never had a problem with drugs, only with policemen - perhaps though if he'd been a real road racer here in Northern Ireland, he allegedly wouldn't have had any such problems with MCUI-UC drug enforcement officialdom, although to be fair, more than likely he'd never have been able to claim: 'I would rather be a legend than a dead legend.'

Whilst not condoning drug use, there are distinctly differing circumstances between Keith and our Real Road Racers. Whilst Stoned, Keith at worst has been in control of a Fender Stratocaster guitar, perhaps in serious danger of playing the odd wrong note - unlike some of our real road racers who, while allegedly stoned, are allegedly in charge of 200mph low flying motorcycles - racing around narrow winding bumpy country roads - inches away from their fellow competitors, and their unsuspecting innocent fans - men, women, and children.

On the subject of excess, Keef once said: 'You kinda get the message after you've been to a few funerals.' How many funerals of real road racing victims do we have to attend before somebody such as Nelson McCausland MLA - Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) kinda gets the message, and declares - enough is enough? We don't need any more memorial gardens; we don't want dead heroes, only live heroes.

Keith also said 'When a rock star dies, it's got a very romantic tinge to it, but actually it's very sordid.' Allegedly, the John Donnan inquest was also exactly that, as is the aftermath also proving to be - a still ongoing sordid affair, with motorcycle racing in Northern Ireland as the likely fatal casualty.

'I never got a postcard from anyone that left. Maybe they don't sell stamps up there.' was another gem from the Riffmeister, as was 'Getting old is a fascinating thing. The older you get, the older you want to get.'

Many of our Motorcycle Real Road Racers don't get old, nor do they send postcards after leaving us, and it's hardly due to the fact they don't sell stamps up there. Here in Northern Ireland, motorcycle real road racing has run its course, there have been far too many deaths, preventable deaths - it and the Dinosaurs have to pass into history - before we read about the next dead hero, and another appeal for the funding of yet another memorial garden.

When he was younger, Keith proclaimed 'If I live to thirty, I'll shoot myself.' When he reached thirty though - he put the gun away, as some of our terrorists allegdly have. Keith Richards - The Riffmeister- is an iconic gifted man with much common sense, a rock guitar God who knows exactly when - enough is enough.

Nelson McCausland MLA - Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure must display the same good common sense - and decommission Real Road Racing.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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