Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Dysfunctional Incompetent Real Road Racing Farce Continues

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According to Noel Johnston - UGP clerk of the course - the 2010 Ulster Grand Prix is under threat because much needed funding has not materialised from DCAL, and went on to allegedly claim: 'Last year we were told that the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure had earmarked £50,000 for essential maintenance and paddock improvements - The necessary work has been carried out and we have been trying to retrieve this money for a number of months.'

Meanwhile, the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure has allegedly denied that it committed any money to UGP paddock improvements - all of which one might be excused for assuming to be a most strange situation until the aforementioned Noel Johnston then claimed the MCUI-UC had allegedly informed the Ulster Grand Prix race organisers that the money would be forthcoming, and also allegedly claimed "We were given guarantees and assurances by a number of people regarding this money, and hence carried out the necessary work. - For a number of months we've been trying to retrieve this money via the Two and Four Wheel Motorsport Steering Group.'

DCAL however responded and allegedly claimed it did not earmark in 2009 any money for paddock improvements at the Ulster Grand Prix, nor did they give any commitment for paddock improvements at the UGP and had not received an application for the expenditure from the Ulster Grand Prix - and continued by allegedly stating that SportNI is responsible for the distribution of funding and in the case of motorsport works through 2&4 Wheel Motorsport Steering Group Ltd.

Suddenly - to me at least, there is nothing remotely strange about the situation, not with the involvement of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, SportNI and 2&4 Wheels Motorsport Steering Group Limited - not that anything remotely untoward is being alleged, but there is an easy way for all concerned to prove their claims and counterclaims - publish the applications, the guarantees, and all written communications between the parties.

'We wouldn't have spent the money without the assurances that we received. This money is vital to the running of the UGP and we need it now to ensure that there is another year of great road racing at Dundrod.' Mr. Johnston allegedly claimed - another point one finds somewhat odd. The UGP according to the usual preposterous claims, is one of our premier sporting events, a tourism magnet, yet it's obviously surviving on handouts from taxpayers, most of whom currently have more pressing issues to deal with - jobs, mortgages, fuel, food - but worry ye not - according to many loyal fans, the Democratic Unionist Party will ensure our money is wisely spent on bailing out yet another Real Road Racing financial burden upon society.

In this age of unprecedented recession, the DUP, and all other politicians have to ask themselves what's more important - healthcare, education, jobs, poverty, security, corruption or pumping more and more taxpayer’s money into the continuing dysfunctional incompetent real road racing farce?

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