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BikersRVoters - Dear Political Party, MP, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, MLA and MEP

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Write To Ride - Right To Ride has sent a copy of the following open letter to all of our political parties. In the Northern Ireland Assembly there is an All Party Assembly Group on Roads Safety, so why not an All Party Assembly Group on Motorcycling? What do you think the main issues for motorcycling are, what do you think the politicians should be doing, and what would you do if you were in charge? Express your views now @ BikersRVoters

As lobbyists and enthusiasts for the promotion and protection of motorcycling in Northern Ireland, we have just launched our BikersRVoters website at

We are contacting all the political parties in Northern Ireland to give a political platform/soapbox for politicians and their political parties to inform motorcyclists of their views on motorcycling as part of the Northern Ireland transport mix.

Although we are running up to the General Election, BikersRVoters is not just about the Election of MPs.

It is also about post Election in Westminster, Northern Ireland Assembly and European Parliament issues.

There are important political and economical issues that continually encompass motorcycling which include

• Road infrastructure such as motorcycle friendly crash barriers, conditions of the roads, access to bus lanes and secure parking;

• Road safety campaigns which should focus on interaction with other road users as well as providing sound information on hazard awareness;

• Appropriate training for motorcyclists and car drivers;

• Motorcycling as an alternative to cars for personal motorised transport especially for young people who need a cost effective mode of transport for work.

• Motorcycle tourism and motorcycle racing which are both important sources of income for the Northern Ireland communities. Within this context your views on rider and spectator safety at road racing events would be appreciated.

• There are other important issues which you can view at your leisure on the BikersRVoters website.

The number of registered motorcycles on Northern Ireland roads now exceeds 31,000 and with the cost of petrol increasing, this form of transport is becoming a more viable alternative to cars.

We believe that this needs recognition by the politicians and authorities of Northern Ireland.

We would also like the parties and individual politicians to consider a dedicated motorcycle manifesto as recognition of the importance of motorcycling to Northern Ireland. In the Northern Ireland Assembly there is an All Party Assembly Group on Roads Safety, so we would like you to consider an All Party Assembly Group on Motorcycling.

The whole slant of our BikersRVoters is to allow politicians and the political parties to inform motorcyclists about their views on motorcycling. However, we are also enabling motorcyclists to get their message to politicians by offering them “The Rider’s Soap Box” which should be of interest to yourselves.

We will publish your response on the BikersRVoters website in order to provide motorcyclists information about your policies and views which could perhaps tip the balance on how they could vote, outside traditional political boundaries.

We look forward to hearing from you. Your much appreciated feedback is required for the politicians - Give it Now! BikersRVoters

Trevor Baird

Save Our Sport From Evil

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