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The 2 & 4 Wheels of Motorcycle Real Road Racing

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While we await with baited breath, the fate of Northern Irish motorcycle road racing which continues to languish somewhere deep within the abyss, the bottomless pit into which it has allegedly been flushed by the Dinosaurs - one is most intrigued by the role of the third party in the ongoing discussions involving Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited representatives, DCAL officials and that aforementioned mysterious third party - 2&4 Wheels, or as it should probably be legally referred to - The 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited.

According to the brand new official website of the aforementioned 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited, they've apparently changed quite a bit - giving you access to even more information! To be honest though, apart from quite a few blank pages, there wasn't really much information on view, but of course, I may have been struck by temporary blindness at the time. The demon drink does tend to have that unexpected effect from time to time - can't really imagine why that should be.

The 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited is apparently, an umbrella organisation which represents the four governing bodies of regulated motor sport in Northern Ireland on issues which are common to all disciplines. Safety perhaps? Perhaps not the subject for facetious remarks - one does of course apologise.

These include, according to their website, increasing the level of government funding for motor sport, the improvement or creation of facilities, dealing with legislative issues which affect any aspect of motor sport and the provision of training for clubs in order to increase their professionalism. And safety obviously isn't mentioned, or it might still be the demon drink after effects?

These four governing bodies are represented on the board of 2 & 4 Wheels by 2 directors and 2 alternates per governing body. In addition, the Board includes an independent Chairman and independent Company Secretary. In total there are 10 directors and 8 alternates on the Board. And dare one enquire if these Directors, etc etc - are receiving any form of restitution for services rendered?

The four governing bodies being referred to in the previous paragraph by The 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited, are of course - The Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs (ANICC) - The Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited (MCUI-UC) - The North Of Ireland Karting Association (NIKA) - The Motorcycle Racing Association (MRA)

Of the four governing bodies, one must admit to having been further intrigued by The Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs (ANICC) whose role has allegedly been, according to their own website, to harmonise and assemble the dates, to promote the Northern Ireland Championships, to liaise with our own and other Governing bodies of the sport and with Government departments, Sports Councils, the Lottery Fund and other sources of grant aid. In effect the ANICC is here to provide assistance and guidance to all our clubs and competitors in promoting our sport. Are we suitably confused yet?

During the course of an alleged 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited Board Meeting earlier this year, the Chair allegedly explained he and his staff had meetings with SportNI, Central Procurement Directorate and DCAL officials to ensure an alleged available £2 million of alleged taxpayers money was allocated to motorsport in Northern Ireland.

Allegedly, he also explained there had also been in place a tendering process for the appointment of a Project Manager, and that it had allegedly been accepted that it would be prudent for 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited to reserve a minimum of £100000 to cover the required costs of the aforementioned Project Manager - allegedly.

Since at that time, records allegedly show that 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited had a balance of less than £40000 at their disposal, should it be assumed that the £2 Million will actually be £1.9 million - less other expenses perhaps?

Considering what has gone before - in the shape of another company allegedly also involved with motor sport in Northern Ireland, a company also allegedly involved with taxpayer’s money which allegedly - well we all know what allegedly occurred - one would therefore have imagined that a company such as 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited, would have been required to be totally open and transparent - be 100% beyond reproach - free even from any suggestions of 'conflict of interest' issues - and whilst no suggestion is being made to the contrary, one being the naturally suspicious type, the following does tend to cause some worry.

According to readily available online records, 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited (Company No. NI0444552) has as its registered address - 8 Lenamore Avenue, Newtownabbey, BT37 0PF which also appears to be - although one could be mistaken - the same address as that off the alleged Honoury Treasurer Robert Kelly for Larne Motor Club Limited, and more importantly perhaps, the alleged address of the alleged Treasurer Robert Kelly of The Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs (ANICC)

The Minutes of the previously mentioned 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited, allegedly reveals the following: Attendance - A. Drysdale, Roy Neill, Robert Kelly. Then also listed, are those allegedly representing the ANICC, the MCUI-UC, the MRA, and the NIKA – Robert Kelly not being mentioned as representing the ANICC.

Whilst mindful that there is most likely available, a rational explanation, one would nonetheless probably ask – during the course of these alleged meetings with DCAL etc, who or what is Robert Kelly allegedly representing, or is there perhaps another Robert Kelly whose address is allegedly also 8 Lenamore Avenue, Newtownabbey, BT37 0PF?

And finally - for the present - whilst still on the 'conflict of interests' agenda, let's not forget the alleged real professionals of conflict of interests issues - our friends the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - perhaps they'd care to clarify - who or what - Mervyn White is allegedly supposed to be representing during these aforementioned alleged 2 & 4 Wheel Motor Sport Steering Group Limited board meetings etc?

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