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The Wages Of Motorcycle Real Road Racing Northern Ireland

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Something that's troubled me greatly these past weeks, months, is the statement made by Senior Coroner Mr. John Leckey which I quote: "We have reached a situation where we have these totally professional, highly financed teams and they are operating in an environment that is set up by enthusiasts and amateurs without any, it seems to me, professional guidance"

So how is it possible for these alleged enthusiasts and amateurs ('officials') to impartially decide without any professional guidance, whether or not any particular country road, and surrounding obstacles, spectators included, is even remotely safe for a high speed motorcycle road race?

As I've mentioned previously, if high speed motorcycle racing on our public roads is permitted to continue, a professional Government appointed Health and Safety overseer is urgently required - an overseer who could be held accountable in the likely event of any further tragedies occurring.

Health and Safety Officials allegedly haven't thus far assumed enforcement responsibility because of the alleged absence of paid employment at these motorcycle road racing events, and nor allegedly are any of the competitors offered or given financial rewards to participate in any of these motorcycle racing events.

The burning questions therefore recently asked off HM Revenue and Customs are simple, even if the answers are not, leastways not to mere mortals, but not to HM Revenue and Customs. So in the eyes of the all seeing, aforementioned HM Revenue and Customs - whether it be full, part-time or temporary - what do they constitute as being paid employment, and if any of these 'officials', teams or riders receive perks, benefits or payments from any Limited Company, at what point do these said alleged perks, benefits and payments become taxable employment income?

Whilst thus far not having acquired an actual definitive written reply from HM Revenue and Customs clarifying one way or the other - the 'employment' aspect of this mystery - within the fullness of time, those officials, riders, teams etc that have allegedly not received any such perks, benefits or payments - obviously haven't declared what they haven't received - and rightly so.

Most certainly though, when HM Revenue and Customs has investigated all of the allegations, I for one will accept their verdict, but until then I will choose to disbelieve any official who claims not to have been in receipt of perks, benefits and payments from any Limited Company within Northern Ireland motorcycle road racing organisational circles.

According to many, officials of the aforementioned MCUI-UC Limited do allegedly receive perks, benefits and alleged payments, as they allegedly were receiving at the time of the 2007 Tandragee 100. Furthermore, many officials of these Clubs (Limited Companies) promoting the motorcycle races on our public roads, are also 'officials' within the aforementioned Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited.

Another worrying point is that many of the 'officials' that make up the MCUI-UC Limited Track Inspection team are allegedly, officials of the promoting Limited Companies, as allegedly was the case for the 2007 Tandragee 100.

Moving away from Tandragee, the Coleraine and District Motor Club 'official' in charge of the North West 200 this year, is allegedly also receiving payments, (as allegedly are others) and this same 'official' also happens to be an alleged Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited 'official' who was also allegedly, a member of the MCUI-UC Limited Track Inspection Committee.

With that in mind, can it therefore be assumed - guaranteed - that the track inspection for this years NW200 will be carried out by the Health and Safety Executive, and not by enthusiasts and/or amateurs - whether they have, or have not - a vested interest in the event?

Is it acceptable practice that those people seeking a 'safety certificate' for a track on which they wish to promote a motorcycle race, allegedly carry out that actual safety inspection themselves, a scenario which in itself raises the most serious conflict of interest issues imaginable?

It is also a fact that the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, whose alleged enthusiasts and amateurs ('officials') carry out these track inspections, actually charge the promoting Limited Company Clubs a fee for the provided service, and bear in mind that many of the aforementioned are also 'officials' of the said promoting Limited Company Clubs.

Every single tax paying person within Northern Ireland, and the rest of the UK, is unknowingly subsidising dangerously high speed motorcycle racing on our public roads, so surely they are entitled to know that their hard earned money will no longer subsidise further avoidable deaths of numerous innocent people.

Perhaps next time, Senior Coroner John Leckey, won't be able to say: "It was by the grace of God that the inquest was not dealing with multiple fatalities"

We all have play our part in preserving the lives of not only the riders but also the vulnerable innocent motorcycle race fans from throughout Northern Ireland - whether they be man, woman or child.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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