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The Road To Gross Negligence & Vicarious Liability

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As mentioned in the earlier Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 posting - currently on the cards for serious consideration at all real road races within Northern Ireland - designated spectator viewing areas - there would of course be 'Spectator Grandstands' - 'Customer Grandstands' all situated a suitably safe distance from the ever present dangers within the vicinity of the roads. 'Customer Grandstands' protected with adequate catch fencing capable of stopping a crashing, airborne speeding motorcycle' - something all fans of real road racing would gladly pay for.

So how much would you be willing to pay for your race day seat, and how much would you be willing to pay for an open to the Northern Ireland elements Grandstand race day seat?

The writing had of course magically appeared on walls long before Senior Coroner John Leckey said in Court - "a hard look should be taken at the safety issues in all the circuits" - many issues have be addressed by the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited and others, in particular - in the event of yet another tragedy at whose door would the blame now be be laid?

After the infamous Richard Nesbitt straw bales statement, we can all rest assured in the knowledge that it's highly unlikely we'll be seeing an explosion of straw bales at our circuits any time soon. They've not only been proven to be ineffective, but downright unstable, and hence - dangerous to both the riders and fans. And although, according to a Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited official - there was allegedly nothing more stable available in 2007 - clearly that wasn't quite true, so what pathetic excuse would they think of for the next inquest?

At this stage, when our sport is being investigated at the highest level, taking precautions - reasonable or otherwise - is not a viable option - remedial action must be taken, and seen to have been taken to drastically, and effectively address the previous alleged gung-ho approach to safety measures at all of our real road racing events here in Northern Ireland.

If real road racing has a future here, the future of all real road racing in Northern Ireland is soon to be showcased at the 2010 North West 200 - a circuit of multiplying, straw bale free, chicanes and grandstands, and the reasons for all of these these additions, are as one would expect - reasonably complex.

Safety will allegedly be the official MCUI-UC reason, and rightly so, after all, from here on in, when the Roads Inspection Committee approve a real road racing circuit, and issue a Track Certificate to the promoting Club and/or Limited Company, in the event of any incident occurring, the Directors of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited could easily find themselves being held responsible, and God forbid, charged under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

Therefore, common sense should tell each and every one of us, that Safe areas for spectators is equally as important as a safe track for the competitors. All allegedly incompetent MCUI-UC officials must be replaced with non-megalomaniacal officials, all of whom should make themselves aware of the meaning of such legal phrases as gross negligence and vicarious liability - before accepting such responsibilities - man's legal responsibilities to man.

Allegedly, money may well be another reason, something I entirely agree with, more stable chicane systems will have to be acquired - if available that is - and professionally constructed - safe grandstands will also have to be obtained, professionally constructed, and protected by adequate catch fencing - official money collectors, along with crowd control officials will have to be on hand, all measures that require financing.

And finally, money may also allegedly be required to purchase shiny new motorcycles - how else will all those officials be able to inspect and make use of the new track facilities? The official in charge of finance for instance, wouldn't he/she require the use of a shiny new motorcycle? How else would he/she be able to count the number of paying spectators - sorry - customers around the circuits? Additionally, they could have as a pillion passenger, their significant other - allegedly claim expenses for them - the MCUI-UC is after all the Governing Body of our sport, so why shouldn't they allegedly join in with the expenses scandal allegations directed towards our other Governments?

Save Our Sport From Evil

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