Friday, 12 March 2010

I'm An MCUI-UC Celebrity Official - Therefore I Am God! Allegedly!

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Friends, Riders, Enthusiasts, lend me your ears;
I come to bury the MCUI-UC, not to praise them.
The evil that officials allegedly do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with the MCUI-UC. The noble Barbiegirl
Hath told you the MCUI-UC was allegedly evilous:
If it were not so, many are those who would allegdly,
Remain this day within our midst as heroes racing.

Save Our Sport This Day From Evil

No offence is intended to any persons by the foregoing, however,
the foregoing disclaimer, allegedly doth not apply to the MCUI-UC

To begin with, the interior of my wee apartment always used to be something of a novelty to friends and colleagues, a major source of amusement - all likened it to a crime scene - who stole the television, the microwave cooker, the radio, the telephone, the computer, and the paintings from the walls - even the cherished photographs?

The inmates in our prisons live a more lavish lifestyle than mine, leastways that's what these friends and colleagues frequently said of my sparser than sparse private living arrangements - though to be honest, being an ardent music lover, I do possess a rather expensive surround sound music system which plays CDs, and only CDs, much to the annoyance of my neighbours - probably explains why none ever stay around for more than a few weeks.

Motorcycle road racing, another passion, I watch that at friends, sadly seldom live, mostly recorded - nonetheless, watching MotoGP, WSBK, and BSB with a group of friends is always a much enjoyed sociable occasion, and a greatly highly entertaining one.

Reality TV shows, I hear about through the age old medium of gossiping, my male colleagues being slightly more guilty than their female counterparts - dancing, skating, cooking, singing - they've all apparently been degraded - and now from America, the US of A, comes the most abhorrently disgusting new reality television show ever.

Tyler Linders - The Next MotoGP Star Reality TV ShowComing soon to TVs all over America - The Next MotoGP Star Reality Show. Really - how sick is that I ask you? One of the Stars of this show will be Tyler Linders, who's already been racing for the last three years, who according to this YouTube Promotional Clip for the show - is a mere thirteen years old.

Here in Northern Ireland, what facilities do we have for our MotoGP Stars of the future - Bishopscourt and Kirkistown, both of which were former World War Two airfields - something they still resemble, though to be fair, when one considers the other similar 'track' we once apparently had - the infamously notorious Aghadowey Chicken Run - now thankfully defunct, and what a Great Escape that allegedly was. If ever there was a short circuit track in Northern Ireland that actually made our real road race tracks resemble something humane, in the opinion of many, it was the Aghadowey Chicken Run.

Long before my time as a motorcycle road racing spectator, there also existed, Maghaberry, a track which by all accounts, with financial backing, had genuine potential - apart from two rather insignificant problems that is - the Government decided to build a prison on the site - HMP Maghaberry, and as history has taught us time and time again - those at the helm of all things Motorcycle Racing here in Northern Ireland - would allegedly spend money on anything, other than providing a safe environment for the competitors and spectators whose safety they are allegedly responsible for.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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