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Can There Be More Than One God? Clarification - Part Three

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According to Cardinal Sean Brady - he was not the designated person - therefore being obviously Holier than the rest of us, the reporting of crimes, or anything remotely serious, wasn't within his remit. Now if it was possible to rewind the clock, and he had simply admitted to being a prolific inept incompetent, even I might have believed him, more so than I would the Gods of the MCUI-UC Limited.

The Chief Executive at a competition is the Clerk of the Course under whose control come all the executive officials necessary to run the competition in a competent manner. This it clearly states within the General Rules as laid down by the Motorcycle Union Of Ireland, therefore Mr. Bobby Edgar, the alleged 2007 Tandragee 100 Clerk of the Course, can hardly use the Cardinal Sean Brady opt out clause.

If Mr. Bobby Edgar was indeed the Chief Executive on that tragic day - then he was the designated person, and if he was, I ask again - why did he permit the meeting to continue after the first crash, allegedly caused by the alleged killer chicane? Was it the Chief Executive who made the decision to ignore the obvious dangers of the Tandragee 100 chicane, and carry on regardless?

And Richard Nesbitt, the alleged convenor of the road inspection committee for looking after competitors' and spectators' safety for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, could he now claim, not to be the designated person?

Well, since this was the 'official' who allegedly couldn't remember allegedly being warned about the dangers of the chicane by the chief marshal at the course, and seemingly found it easier just to ignore them anyway - I for one would probably believe Richard Nesbitt truly believed he wasn't the designated person of anything sensible - on the grounds he may quite possibly, in my opinion, be suffering from acute memory loss.

The North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited, they who were organisers of the 2007 Tandragee 100 motorcycle road race meeting - had the event not been organised, there wouldn't therefore have been a real road race that Saturday in May 2007, which obviously means, John Donnan would have had no reason to be anywhere near Tandragee.

And the Directors of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - what are these Gods of our sport, allegedly guilty off? In my opinion, they are all allegedly guilty of serious mismanagement, alleged gross negligence, and allegedly guilty of being responsible for the current economic recession, even global warming.

Apparently, I'm assured, it is allegedly important for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited to be seen to be reacting appropriately to the current circumstances and consequently both Richard Nesbitt and Ian Forsythe will now allegedly stand down and play no further part in the running of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited at least until all of the current annoying little difficulties are sorted out.

The act of Richard Nesbitt and Ian Forsythe allegedly standing down will hopefully allegedly somewhat alleviate the situation in the eyes of the plaintiff or perhaps that should be plaintiffs. Far be it for someone such as Barbiegirl to suggest the aforementioned allegations are true, but if proven to be true, they are surely the most disingenuous and brutally cynical allegations she has ever encountered.

All of the aforementioned parties can be thankful for small mercies - and consider themselves fortunate - for if the decision to prosecute those allegedly responsible for the 2007 Tandragee 100 tragedy were mine, and mine alone - the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited as a whole, Directors included, would face prosecution, as would the North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited, Richard Nesbitt and, more than likely the Chief Executive of the Meeting - and what of Cardinal Sean Brady?

Since he's no more a God than the 'officials' of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, I would most certainly have him prosecuted for allegedly perverting the course of justice, and allegedly assisting an alleged paedophile allegedly commit more atrocities against the innocent children of Ireland.

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