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Can There Be More Than One God? Clarification - Part Two

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As learned previously the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, hereinafter termed “the Centre” - 'Heaven Here On Earth' to those of the inner sanctum - Hell Ever After for those of us stupid enough to entrust these people with not only our own lives, but also the lives of loved ones, innocent vulnerable children included - and they the MCUI-UC, shall have jurisdiction in all questions relating to the sport of motorcycling within the province of Ulster (nine county area) - an area to which the MCUI has given the MCUI-UC power to govern the sport of motorcycling.

Furthermore, according to the published General Competition Rules, the use of any road, short circuit, or land used for a competition shall be subject to the approval of the authority issuing the permit.

Each road and short circuit course for which an application is made on which to promote a competition shall be inspected by the officially appointed Road Inspection Committee. The general condition as to the safety of the public, the suitability of the course, and any other such requirements as are deemed necessary shall be within the terms and references of the Committee.

Obviously though, as events have clearly demonstrated, safety most certainly isn't, or never has been one of those aforementioned requirements, but if one of the Gods would care to correct me, I'd be more than happy to withdraw the foregoing allegations.

Next it clearly states, and believe me, this is not a joke - At all events promoters must make adequate arrangements for the protection of spectators. The positions of spectators at all forms of racing must always be chosen with due regard to public safety.

The news reports of August 2009 stating a motorcycle had crashed and ploughed into a spectator during the inaugural Armoy road races in County Antrim, Northern Ireland were obviously a figment of my fertile imagination. Not only did the dogs on our streets know this was a tragedy waiting to happen, the cows in the fields also knew it, but they had more sense than the spectators - the cows kept well out of harms way - an adequately safe distant from out of control airborne motorcycles.

The Motorcycle Union of Ireland gave the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited the power to govern the sport of motorcycling, so when is that pwoer to be revoked, or is the MCUI as unfit for purpose as the MCUI-UC?

And nearly finally for Part Two of Can There Be More Than One God? How many Gods were present at the inaugural 2009 Armoy real road race meeting, and did any of them actually care one way or the other about the safety of the competitors and spectators?

Confirmation, for the benefit of those unbelievers in our midst, the heathens who would dare doubt that amongst us doth walk the almighty - for engraved also thereon the sacred tablets of stone by the Great Almighty God of Motorcycle Real Road Racing - MCUI-UC, and carried from the mountain summit by the Holier than thou Disciple of Safety and Nattering, the Holy Commandments that doth righteously declare for all peasants to read - digest - and uncontrollably, hysterically laugh: “It is a condition of admission that all persons having any connection with the promotion and/or organisation and/or conduct of the meeting, including the owners of the land, and the drivers and owners of the vehicles, are absolved from all liability arising out of accidents howsoever caused resulting in damage and/or personal injury to spectators.” Who do these people think they are - God?

It was, said Senior Coroner John Leckey, by the grace of God that the inquest was not dealing with multiple fatalities.

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