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Alleged Organised Crime! Government or Private Sector?

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Accountability - what a truly wondrous concept, as indeed is the Internet another altogether glorious concept - one which affords even the most insignificant of people the means to have their opinions transmitted to every far flung corner of the Global village. A person such as I for instance, someone who in the good old days, before Tandragee 2007, would have been looked contemptuously down upon as that annoying, arrogantly irritating bitch who nattered constantly in the ears of the disinterested - constantly whinging about safety - is this safe, is that safe, is that chicane safe, but would they have listened? No! Not then, and why would they have listened to anyone - when it was easier just to ignore them.

Far be it for me to inform the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited what the rest of the World's population already know - this is the age of instant communication, the 21st century in which we now live - the age of the all powerful dinosaurs has long since passed into history, and oblivion.

Therefore, and rightly so - the simple act of allegedly having a member of the once downtrodden fairer sex removed from a real road racing website forum, because that same said person dared to spout forth allegedly disparaging comments about the hordes of those allegedly pulchritudinous hallowed saints within the alleged sacred and venerable walls of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - that same aforementioned modern passionate female - hasn't gone away you know. Didn't your mothers tell you anything about the fairer sex?

If any single person in the whole of this World is guilty of uttering comments that have been unhelpful to the sport of real road racing in Northern Ireland, it is surely he, who allegedly said in court "I can't remember the man saying anything sensible other than nattering away in my ear. If someone is constantly coming at you it is easier just to ignore them"

To all those lovely people, riders, teams, racing fans from around the World, who've taken the time to send me their messages of support, encouragement, love, ideas and suggestions for articles - please accept my sincere thanks - many of the messages have been hilariously funny, some so funny in fact, we so nearly had accidents - all of your messages have brightened up the dullest of days, and be assured, each and every single message has been gratefully received, and of course replied to - I hope.

Special thanks also to those people within various Government Departments, various Legal offices, and places of authority I dare not mention, my own included, and wherever you each may be - your continuing support is of course very much appreciated as of course is the supplied invaluable information. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again - my love to you all.

Many thanks to the lovely ‘Rapid’ for the wonderful photographs from sunny California, and our backroom guys for looking after the website, and acquiring the new domain name for me - I just love the new layout guys - thank you.

Last year we had the Governments expenses scandals that rocked and shocked a nation of decent hard working people. At the next election though, we will have the opportunity to vote out those who just didn't 'get it' and of course those whose policies we disagree with - personally speaking I am of the opinion, they're all only in it for the money anyway, and those incredulous expenses, but yet again - I digress.

When it comes to our sport of motorcycle racing though, we don't have that same opportunity, we cannot vote them out, come to think of it, neither did we vote them in - not when the Government of your sport is in actual fact, a registered Limited Company - a business - although to be fair, in many homes around Northern Ireland, many of those allegedly involved in the current sordid debacle, will no doubt now be rueing the day the MCUI-UC became the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, and let's not forget the North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited, for they too, may not yet have allegedly escaped a return to the Courts of Justice.

All that alleged money, alleged expenses, and those alleged freebie junkets, all of that alleged power so easily wielded - and now they await the feared ominous knock upon the door. As many of my friends, colleagues, and adversaries - for want of a more fitting description - would testify - a sympathetic person, I most definitely am not, not in the least. As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap - I say - and on that very same subject.

Accountability - from the swirling mists around the shores of this small Island of Ireland, will one day allegedly emerge, the Grim Reaper of Accountability, and off the alleged guilty I simply ask - are you prepared for Judgement Day?

Clarification cometh within my next posting - the expenses scandal unlocked, and revealed to all - who might possibly face the wrath of JUSTICE!

(Many thanks to my good friend 'Rapid' for forwarding the cartoon - me thinks he's perhaps having a sly wee dig at sweet innocent me.)

Save Our Sport From Evil

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