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Motorcycle Real Road Racing versus The Troubles

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Just recently, the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - in what seems to me at least, to be an obvious last ditch attempt to prevent the final extinction of the dinosaurs - announced 'new' motorcycle real road racing safety measures - measures that had already been published by this Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland on Wednesday, 17 February 2010 @ Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

What a surprise - perhaps the MCUI-UC should also have instructed those 'officials' they've been sending to meetings with DCAL - to agree to anything those DCAL 'eejits' might suggest, pretend to be interested in safety - just don't fall asleep - otherwise, even the DCAL 'eejits' might become suspicious.

Apparently, the MCUI-UC allegedly acted following concerns raised by Senior Coroner Mr. John Leckey at the recent inquest into the death of popular Ardglass rider John Donnan.

So let's get this straight guys - as an alleged result of a failure by those allegedly in charge of looking after competitors' and spectators' safety, John Donnan was killed in May 2007 - yet the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited and the North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited carried on with the Tandragee 100 motorcycle real road races for another two years, and guess what guys - during that period - Martin Finnegan was killed.

Furthermore, and do feel free to correct me if any of this is incorrect - the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, and assorted other Clubs/Limited Companies saw fit to carry on with these real road races, without any alleged regard for the safety of competitors and spectators, right up until January 2010 when the Senior Coroner Mr. John Leckey questioned the existing safety measures, or was it perhaps the alleged complete lack of safety measures that might rightly have concerned him?

Dinosaurs, DCAL, and Health and Safety Executive – Explain to all lesser mortals, what safety measure would prevent a massacre, and who will accept responsibility?

Also, during the aforementioned period, rather than curtail these highly dangerous events, a new event was added, the Armoy real road race meeting - during which, another innocent spectator was killed by yet another out of control high speed flying motorcycle.

One MCUI-UC official allegedly claimed that since the death of John Donnan at the 2007 Tandragee 100 motorcycle road race, "a lot of work has been ongoing and it is continuing to be ongoing" which to me at least, possibly translates as meaning: 'prior to 2007, no safety work had been going on' - but perhaps in the fullness of time, this is a point that the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited will no doubt clarify, whilst also providing full verifiable details of all meaningful safety work allegedly carried out prior to Tandragee 2007 - or perhaps not carried out.

In another comment, the MCUI-UC representative allegedly stated "Every accident that happens at motorcycling is a tragedy for the rider and the family and everybody else. We all feel it." Who doesn't, but for how long do these 'officials' feel the pain, the loneliness of those families left behind, the sheer devastation, and for what selfish purposes therefore, are these killer events being permitted to continue?

And please dinosaurs, don't tell us it's anything to do with an unbridled lust for power, or freebie trips, free accommodation all around Ireland and beyond, free travel expenses, free food, free anything, or even that other disgusting word - MONEY - because we just won't believe a word of it.

After all, what possible use would any of the foregoing alleged benefits be to dinosaurs - especially those now teetering precariously on the verge of extinction?

Other 'new' rules will allegedly prohibit marshals, photographers and other officials from being on the roads for the duration of the races, something they've also allegedly written into track certificates.

And the crassest statement of all: "Marshals will be very well trained. They all have to attend a seminar -- there will be more run-off areas and more designated spectator areas to keep spectators in a more compounded area."

Leastways there'll be no further need for straw bales, not when you've got a few hundred seemingly expendable innocent men, women and children to instantly stop an out of control high speed flying motorcycle. The term 'Canon Fodder' springs to mind!

These pathetically ridiculous 'safety' measures are in my opinion, nothing more than cynical spin - spewed out in an attempt to escape responsibility for a gross failure to protect the countless competitors, spectators, and families - children included - whose lives have been destroyed - in the name of 'sport'.

The announced Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited safety measures will in my opinion recklessly endanger the safety of many innocent people, and do nothing other than cause further deaths - how many people have thus far been killed and injured as a direct result of managerial failure and decades of systematic cover-ups?

How many more innocent people have to die before these people waken up and take full responsibility for their selfish actions?

And on that very subject, I have two simple questions for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - Since the inaugural motorcycle real road race here in Northern Ireland, how many innocent riders and spectators have died - and how many have been injured?

During the Northern Ireland 'Troubles' - in access of 3,500 people died, and more than 35,000 were injured - who amongst us, wants Motorcycle Real Road Racing casualties to exceed those shocking figures?

Many of the atrocities of the 'Troubles' are now being reinvestigated - therefore, in light of the 2007 Tandragee 100 revelations, Mr. Nelson McCausland MLA - Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure - must act now to have all of the Northern Ireland Motorcycle Real Road Racing atrocities - thoroughly reinvestigated, and those found to have been responsible, brought before the courts.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Motorcycle Real Road Racing, Straw Bales, and the Little Pigs

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Allegedly, once upon a time, there were these three little pigs, one of which decided to construct his new self build house out of straw because it was allegedly, by far the cheapest, easiest to use available product of that time.

Sadly though, leastways for the pig, one cold dark night, this big bad wolf turned up on his doorstep, and this big bad wolf so dearly loved to eat fat little pigs, he blew the house over, and ate the stupid fat pig who'd ignored all the safety warnings about the unsuitability of straw as a stable building material for his new house.

Witnesses were later heard to say the fat pig had allegedly ignored the safety warnings of those nattering away in his ear - well you would do - wouldn't any fat little pig find it easier just to ignore them?

Allegedly - according to an article by Catherine Wanek - it was in the 1890s, that pioneers of the sand hills of Nebraska found themselves building a new life on a treeless prairie, and from necessity began building their homes from bales of straw.

A few years earlier, around 1868, the first motorbike was apparently built, followed by a second, which allegedly prompted the first ever real road race, rumoured to have been staged several hours drive from Nebraska - somewhere in the far North West - 200 miles away - allegedly. The track though, allegedly, it wasn't ever going to be the safest in the World, hence the birth of the unstable straw bale constructed chicane - complete with the obligatory Customer Compounds.

Yes - you're probably right - rider and spectator safety, allegedly wasn't an issue then either, but allegedly - financial profiteering by officials was something of a major issue during that early period in motorcycle real road racing - unlike today of course - allegedly.

As an aside, just thought I'd mention that in the midst of these famous motorcycle real road racing developments, in the year 1881, Kansas allegedly became the first state to outlaw alcohol - around 40 years ahead of the Prohibition era which sparked a huge widespread illicit distillation industry - a tradition allegedly kept alive, even as I write, by the much revered, proud local Poteen distillers of Northern Ireland.

Back at the very start of this new millennium, MAG Sport published a most relevant article by Trevor Baird of Write To Ride - Right To Ride - now republished here for those who may have missed it first time around:

"I have a mate and no he's not the only one I have. He build's houses out of straw bales, not just the thatched roof but the walls as well and claims the first little piggy was right and eco friendly. The houses also apparently pass fire regulations although apparently not a big bad wolf blowing them down.

With tests proving that a straw bale stops absorbing energy after 27 mph. they should certainly not be used for adorning lamppost's and fast corners on race or road race circuits and in my opinion that goes for tyre walls as well.

What's the alternative, well Gregan Boyd of Trackcare International Safety in Northern Ireland have come up with an alternative "bale" which they have developed over the last few years. In 1998 his newly designed safety barrier pasted the strenuous F.I.M. test procedures, are you ready here comes the scientific bit, it gives the lowest rebound velocity which relates to the potential for the rider to rebounded back onto the circuit following an impact of 0.9m/s compared to straw bales 2.8 and tyre walls 4.9. The new bales absorb 98.6% energy (this being absorbed uniformly) compared to straw bales 86% and tyre walls 59.3%. imagine like running into the side wall of a custard bouncy castle while naked, well maybe not?

The bales are waterproof and fire retardant (to spec. French M2 fire tested) unlike a straw house I'm sure, they are flexible and highly tear resistant (uv light protected) and by being able to advertise on the outer cover it allows companies to advertise and save lives.

Mallory Park are installing a section on their circuit this year sponsored by a major motorcycle clothing company and negotiations are ongoing with the new circuit at Rockingham. The Monaghan Club in Southern Ireland were one of the first road circuits to use the system in 1998 with other circuits following suit, the Dundrod circuit in Northern Ireland one of the Ulster section road races and the Isle of Man TT in 1999.

With a new air barrier being tested at TRL (MAG members remember Dr Chin) in March and the development of kerb and telegraph pole protectors, MAG Sport congratulates Gregan and Trackcare for striving to advance the safety at racetracks for riders, Marshall's and spectators alike." © Trevor Baird

Straw - it's been around since who knows when - before the dinosaurs - it was straw then, and it's straw now - allegedly 100% free of technological advances - and if we're to believe the historians, people have been using it to make hats, baskets, and all sorts of weird and wonderful products, their beds included, since approximately 10,000 BC - give or take a few months that is. Most importantly to our primitive ancestors though, probably the dinosaurs as well, as is still the case - there was a humongous abundance of the stuff - and it was a dirt cheap easily used product that any eejit could find a use for - especially so since the invention of the legendary straw bale - and real road racing.

The humble motorcycles of 1868 - probably, they could have managed a good 20mph whillst plummeting down a mountainside with a following storm force 12 tail wind - technological advances though, have since turned motorcycles into the most fearsome of 200mph plus projectiles, with the acceleration of a jet aeroplane, but not to worry - a few strategically placed straw bale barricades will soon put a stop to that nonsense.

Problem is though, as pointed out by Trevor Baird in his year 2000 article - straw bales stop absorbing energy after 27 mph - suffice for the motorcycles raced in 1868 perhaps - but for 2010! Get Real!

Somebody needs to tell the dinosaurs, and especially our Government, that the motorcycles currently being raced around our ancient, narrow, winding, bumpy - tree, house, telegraph pole, hedge, wall, and spectator lined ludicrously dangerous unsuitable public roads - are now travelling at speeds in excess of 200 mph - and he who would dare proclaim it is acceptably safe to do so in the 21st Century - I for one, would question their sanity!

Write To Ride - Right To Ride
Giving Northern Ireland riders a voice by using a fresh and alternative approach with the backing of individual riders, clubs, trainers and anybody else who cares enough.

No membership fees, nothing but the support of riders, to put the case for riders in the corridors of power.

The constant changes in laws from Europe and Westminster make it harder for riders to enjoy the simple pleasure of motorcycling.

Northern Ireland riders should have representation at Local - National - European and Global levels with a fresh approach?

Issues that are the basis of a passionate debate.

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Write To Ride - Right To Ride

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Friday, 26 March 2010

Mat Mladin, Adolph Hitler, Dick Turpin and the MCUI-UC

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Stateside, motorcycle racing is controlled by the American Motorcyclist Association, and the Daytona Motorsports Group, or perhaps the Daytona Motorsports Group (DMG) controls motorcycle racing, and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) - actually, if any sane person knows which aforementioned organisation is in charge of what, or who, perhaps they could let the rest of us know.

For sure though, every Stateside rider, team and fan knows that the current AMA/DMG alliance has forced American professional motorcycle racing onto it's knees, and should the farce continue - threaten the very existence of professional motorcycle racing within the USA where participating factories, riders, teams, sponsors, and fans - have already shown their disgust in recent times - by withdrawing their support - en masse.

Many bitterly complain, that amongst other issues, the American Superbike championship is now held under different rules to those of the World Superbike Championship, which they claim, has somewhat diminished the standing of the series when compared to all other National and International Superbike Championships.

Last year, multiple American Superbike Champion Mat Mladin lashed out against the aforementioned controllers of the series - the AMA/DMG - by proclaiming: "Hitler would be proud."

Just as well Mat hasn't been to Northern Ireland then, where not only do we not have professional motorcycle racing, we don't even possess any circuits on which to stage one single professional motorcycle race, never mind a whole championship.

Therefore, those Northern Ireland riders who dare to dream of competing at a professional level, are forced to travel across the Irish Sea to the United Kingdom mainland.

An expensive exercise you might think, and it is, especially so when you add to this the alleged extortionate fee which the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited allegedly charge these young riders for daring to forsake the perils of real road racing in favour of the UK mainland circuits.

However, when one considers the only other option available to our aspiring young motorcycle professionals, the alleged Dick Turpin option of - your money or your life - it's most certainly a ransom worth paying.

Had the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited existed during the Second World War, I very much doubt that Hitler would've been proud of them - rather, he'd have been more than likely terrified of the MCUI-UC, which is probably the reason why we weren't invaded - for rumour allegedly has it, a fortune teller had forewarned him of the imminent arrival of a far greater dictatorship than his - and so it allegedly came to pass.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Friday, 19 March 2010

The Wages Of Motorcycle Real Road Racing Northern Ireland

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Something that's troubled me greatly these past weeks, months, is the statement made by Senior Coroner Mr. John Leckey which I quote: "We have reached a situation where we have these totally professional, highly financed teams and they are operating in an environment that is set up by enthusiasts and amateurs without any, it seems to me, professional guidance"

So how is it possible for these alleged enthusiasts and amateurs ('officials') to impartially decide without any professional guidance, whether or not any particular country road, and surrounding obstacles, spectators included, is even remotely safe for a high speed motorcycle road race?

As I've mentioned previously, if high speed motorcycle racing on our public roads is permitted to continue, a professional Government appointed Health and Safety overseer is urgently required - an overseer who could be held accountable in the likely event of any further tragedies occurring.

Health and Safety Officials allegedly haven't thus far assumed enforcement responsibility because of the alleged absence of paid employment at these motorcycle road racing events, and nor allegedly are any of the competitors offered or given financial rewards to participate in any of these motorcycle racing events.

The burning questions therefore recently asked off HM Revenue and Customs are simple, even if the answers are not, leastways not to mere mortals, but not to HM Revenue and Customs. So in the eyes of the all seeing, aforementioned HM Revenue and Customs - whether it be full, part-time or temporary - what do they constitute as being paid employment, and if any of these 'officials', teams or riders receive perks, benefits or payments from any Limited Company, at what point do these said alleged perks, benefits and payments become taxable employment income?

Whilst thus far not having acquired an actual definitive written reply from HM Revenue and Customs clarifying one way or the other - the 'employment' aspect of this mystery - within the fullness of time, those officials, riders, teams etc that have allegedly not received any such perks, benefits or payments - obviously haven't declared what they haven't received - and rightly so.

Most certainly though, when HM Revenue and Customs has investigated all of the allegations, I for one will accept their verdict, but until then I will choose to disbelieve any official who claims not to have been in receipt of perks, benefits and payments from any Limited Company within Northern Ireland motorcycle road racing organisational circles.

According to many, officials of the aforementioned MCUI-UC Limited do allegedly receive perks, benefits and alleged payments, as they allegedly were receiving at the time of the 2007 Tandragee 100. Furthermore, many officials of these Clubs (Limited Companies) promoting the motorcycle races on our public roads, are also 'officials' within the aforementioned Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited.

Another worrying point is that many of the 'officials' that make up the MCUI-UC Limited Track Inspection team are allegedly, officials of the promoting Limited Companies, as allegedly was the case for the 2007 Tandragee 100.

Moving away from Tandragee, the Coleraine and District Motor Club 'official' in charge of the North West 200 this year, is allegedly also receiving payments, (as allegedly are others) and this same 'official' also happens to be an alleged Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited 'official' who was also allegedly, a member of the MCUI-UC Limited Track Inspection Committee.

With that in mind, can it therefore be assumed - guaranteed - that the track inspection for this years NW200 will be carried out by the Health and Safety Executive, and not by enthusiasts and/or amateurs - whether they have, or have not - a vested interest in the event?

Is it acceptable practice that those people seeking a 'safety certificate' for a track on which they wish to promote a motorcycle race, allegedly carry out that actual safety inspection themselves, a scenario which in itself raises the most serious conflict of interest issues imaginable?

It is also a fact that the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, whose alleged enthusiasts and amateurs ('officials') carry out these track inspections, actually charge the promoting Limited Company Clubs a fee for the provided service, and bear in mind that many of the aforementioned are also 'officials' of the said promoting Limited Company Clubs.

Every single tax paying person within Northern Ireland, and the rest of the UK, is unknowingly subsidising dangerously high speed motorcycle racing on our public roads, so surely they are entitled to know that their hard earned money will no longer subsidise further avoidable deaths of numerous innocent people.

Perhaps next time, Senior Coroner John Leckey, won't be able to say: "It was by the grace of God that the inquest was not dealing with multiple fatalities"

We all have play our part in preserving the lives of not only the riders but also the vulnerable innocent motorcycle race fans from throughout Northern Ireland - whether they be man, woman or child.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Can There Be More Than One God? Clarification - Part Four

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Much to the apparent annoyance of MCUI-UC Gods, disparaging comments about their beloved much ridiculed Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, were to be found on a “realroadracing” web site, and would you believe it, these comments may have materialised within the heart of the MCUI-UC itself - they have a heart? Never! Really! Another of the alleged Gods apparently then proclaimed, he'd like to see the pages removed as they were not helpful to the sport in any way.

Correct me if I'm wrong guys - it was not Barbiegirl who told the court: "I can't remember the man saying anything sensible other than nattering away in my ear. If someone is constantly coming at you it is easier just to ignore them" Nor did Barbiegirl claim: "It could only be described as a freak accident and a risk competitors accept in the pursuit of their chosen sport"

Both of the foregoing sublimely ridiculous statements came not from Barbiegirl - they came from the mouths of two MCUI-UC Limited OFFICIALS - namely Richard Nesbitt and Tony Harvey!

Now from these allegedly devious disingenuous unscrupulous Gods, we hear they would allegedly not be abandoning their esteemed aforementioned colleagues, nor would they be pushing them out of the MCUI-UC. However, as a matter of urgency, these two upstanding officials of the MCUI-UC would allegedly for the time being, step from the limelight, and allegedly resume full involvement within the MCUI-UC - just as soon as this whole inconvenient annoying little matter was settled.

Also rather inconveniently, in the midst of this farce, from stage left there appeared the Belfast & District Motor Club with their Clerk of the Course - Richard Nesbitt as Chief Executive no less - an act which caused a great deal of ill feeling, and who would have thought it - allegedly, this thoughtless act surprisingly aggravated the Donnan family to such an extent - a civil case is allegedly now almost certain and from this there is also the possibility of private prosecutions. Really! I find that hard to believe, no really, I do.

Not to worry though - with the aforementioned Richard Nesbitt allegedly standing aside, for now, the situation may be alleviated somewhat in the eyes of the plaintiff, or should that be, the plaintiffs.

Allegedly, one of the Barristers acting on behalf of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, has now advised the said MCUI-UC Limited and Clubs - Limited Companies - to allegedly make appropriate representation to the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Northern Ireland, to allegedly seek their support to save real road racing - and presumably the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, not forgetting assorted Gods - perhaps.

Here therefore, is something each and every MLA should carefully consider before falling into oblivion as so many Lemmings - If Nelson McCausland, MLA, Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure fails to act now and stop the never ending carnage, he will leave himself open to enormous criticism, and should there be another fatality, possibly even prosecution.

We have more inquests to come, including that of the innocent defenceless spectator who was so tragically killed during the inaugural Armoy real road race meeting - and the obvious question is this: Will our Senior Coroner Mr. John Leckey be further shocked by any of these tragedies or will he agree with the usual alleged assessment of the MCUI-UC Gods - Freak accidents are a risk, competitors and innocent defenceless spectators accept in the pursuit of their chosen sport?

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Can There Be More Than One God? Clarification - Part Three

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

According to Cardinal Sean Brady - he was not the designated person - therefore being obviously Holier than the rest of us, the reporting of crimes, or anything remotely serious, wasn't within his remit. Now if it was possible to rewind the clock, and he had simply admitted to being a prolific inept incompetent, even I might have believed him, more so than I would the Gods of the MCUI-UC Limited.

The Chief Executive at a competition is the Clerk of the Course under whose control come all the executive officials necessary to run the competition in a competent manner. This it clearly states within the General Rules as laid down by the Motorcycle Union Of Ireland, therefore Mr. Bobby Edgar, the alleged 2007 Tandragee 100 Clerk of the Course, can hardly use the Cardinal Sean Brady opt out clause.

If Mr. Bobby Edgar was indeed the Chief Executive on that tragic day - then he was the designated person, and if he was, I ask again - why did he permit the meeting to continue after the first crash, allegedly caused by the alleged killer chicane? Was it the Chief Executive who made the decision to ignore the obvious dangers of the Tandragee 100 chicane, and carry on regardless?

And Richard Nesbitt, the alleged convenor of the road inspection committee for looking after competitors' and spectators' safety for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, could he now claim, not to be the designated person?

Well, since this was the 'official' who allegedly couldn't remember allegedly being warned about the dangers of the chicane by the chief marshal at the course, and seemingly found it easier just to ignore them anyway - I for one would probably believe Richard Nesbitt truly believed he wasn't the designated person of anything sensible - on the grounds he may quite possibly, in my opinion, be suffering from acute memory loss.

The North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited, they who were organisers of the 2007 Tandragee 100 motorcycle road race meeting - had the event not been organised, there wouldn't therefore have been a real road race that Saturday in May 2007, which obviously means, John Donnan would have had no reason to be anywhere near Tandragee.

And the Directors of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - what are these Gods of our sport, allegedly guilty off? In my opinion, they are all allegedly guilty of serious mismanagement, alleged gross negligence, and allegedly guilty of being responsible for the current economic recession, even global warming.

Apparently, I'm assured, it is allegedly important for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited to be seen to be reacting appropriately to the current circumstances and consequently both Richard Nesbitt and Ian Forsythe will now allegedly stand down and play no further part in the running of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited at least until all of the current annoying little difficulties are sorted out.

The act of Richard Nesbitt and Ian Forsythe allegedly standing down will hopefully allegedly somewhat alleviate the situation in the eyes of the plaintiff or perhaps that should be plaintiffs. Far be it for someone such as Barbiegirl to suggest the aforementioned allegations are true, but if proven to be true, they are surely the most disingenuous and brutally cynical allegations she has ever encountered.

All of the aforementioned parties can be thankful for small mercies - and consider themselves fortunate - for if the decision to prosecute those allegedly responsible for the 2007 Tandragee 100 tragedy were mine, and mine alone - the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited as a whole, Directors included, would face prosecution, as would the North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited, Richard Nesbitt and, more than likely the Chief Executive of the Meeting - and what of Cardinal Sean Brady?

Since he's no more a God than the 'officials' of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, I would most certainly have him prosecuted for allegedly perverting the course of justice, and allegedly assisting an alleged paedophile allegedly commit more atrocities against the innocent children of Ireland.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Monday, 15 March 2010

Can There Be More Than One God? Clarification - Part Two

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

As learned previously the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, hereinafter termed “the Centre” - 'Heaven Here On Earth' to those of the inner sanctum - Hell Ever After for those of us stupid enough to entrust these people with not only our own lives, but also the lives of loved ones, innocent vulnerable children included - and they the MCUI-UC, shall have jurisdiction in all questions relating to the sport of motorcycling within the province of Ulster (nine county area) - an area to which the MCUI has given the MCUI-UC power to govern the sport of motorcycling.

Furthermore, according to the published General Competition Rules, the use of any road, short circuit, or land used for a competition shall be subject to the approval of the authority issuing the permit.

Each road and short circuit course for which an application is made on which to promote a competition shall be inspected by the officially appointed Road Inspection Committee. The general condition as to the safety of the public, the suitability of the course, and any other such requirements as are deemed necessary shall be within the terms and references of the Committee.

Obviously though, as events have clearly demonstrated, safety most certainly isn't, or never has been one of those aforementioned requirements, but if one of the Gods would care to correct me, I'd be more than happy to withdraw the foregoing allegations.

Next it clearly states, and believe me, this is not a joke - At all events promoters must make adequate arrangements for the protection of spectators. The positions of spectators at all forms of racing must always be chosen with due regard to public safety.

The news reports of August 2009 stating a motorcycle had crashed and ploughed into a spectator during the inaugural Armoy road races in County Antrim, Northern Ireland were obviously a figment of my fertile imagination. Not only did the dogs on our streets know this was a tragedy waiting to happen, the cows in the fields also knew it, but they had more sense than the spectators - the cows kept well out of harms way - an adequately safe distant from out of control airborne motorcycles.

The Motorcycle Union of Ireland gave the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited the power to govern the sport of motorcycling, so when is that pwoer to be revoked, or is the MCUI as unfit for purpose as the MCUI-UC?

And nearly finally for Part Two of Can There Be More Than One God? How many Gods were present at the inaugural 2009 Armoy real road race meeting, and did any of them actually care one way or the other about the safety of the competitors and spectators?

Confirmation, for the benefit of those unbelievers in our midst, the heathens who would dare doubt that amongst us doth walk the almighty - for engraved also thereon the sacred tablets of stone by the Great Almighty God of Motorcycle Real Road Racing - MCUI-UC, and carried from the mountain summit by the Holier than thou Disciple of Safety and Nattering, the Holy Commandments that doth righteously declare for all peasants to read - digest - and uncontrollably, hysterically laugh: “It is a condition of admission that all persons having any connection with the promotion and/or organisation and/or conduct of the meeting, including the owners of the land, and the drivers and owners of the vehicles, are absolved from all liability arising out of accidents howsoever caused resulting in damage and/or personal injury to spectators.” Who do these people think they are - God?

It was, said Senior Coroner John Leckey, by the grace of God that the inquest was not dealing with multiple fatalities.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Can There Be More Than One God? Clarification - Part One

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

According to the General Competition Rules published online by the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, the Federation Internationale Motocycliste (F.I.M.) is the one and only authority qualified to control organised international motorcycling activities throughout the world.

These rules also go on to state that the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland, being a constituent member of the F.I.M. and representing Ireland at the F.I.M., acts as the controlling body of the sport of motorcycling as laid down in Article 2 of its Constitution and Rules, and that all competitions shall be held under the GCR - General Competition Rules - and most importantly, continues thus: For the purposes of the GCR, Ireland shall mean all of Ireland.

On the dubious point of track safety, these General Competition Rules explains Track Inspection thus - The inspection by a duly appointed panel, of a Road or Short Circuit course to determine whether it is in a fit state on which to hold competitions, and defines the Clerk of the Course as being the Chief Executive Official at the Meeting.

Perhaps therefore, the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland would care to clarify their definition of Chief Executive Official, because according to other various sources, a Chief Executive is the most important role in the management of an organization, and here for your consideration, a small sample of the readily available professional definitions of that grand sounding job title as bestowed upon a Clerk of the Course by Motor Cycle Union of Ireland.

Chief Executive Official - the singular organizational position that is primarily responsible to carry out the strategic plans and policies as established by the board of directors - the most senior person working in a company or organisation who is responsible for running it - the singular organisational position that sets the direction and oversees the operations - the most important role in the management of an organisation - the highest individual in command.

An impressive job description by any standards, is it not - and who wouldn’t want any single one of those foregoing definitions adorning the pages of their Curriculum Vitae? Most likely the guy who allegedly may not have quite lived up to the posting from Hell that had been thrust upon him, probably by some comedian in need of yet another fall guy.

And there lies the problem with this conundrum, because it then clearly states: The Chief Executive at a competition is the Clerk of the Course under whose control come all the executive officials necessary to run the competition in a competent manner - and apparently as also published - it is the duty of an official to report to the Clerk of the Course any irregularity which has come to his notice.

Therefore, on that fateful Saturday, May 2007, during the ill-fated Tandragee 100 real motorcycle road race meeting, at which Mr. Bobby Edgar allegedly officiated as Clerk of the aforementioned Tandragee 100 Course - in his authoritative position of Chief Executive Official of the meeting, what role if any, did this person play in the tragedy that led to the cancellation of the event?

James Irwin, chief marshal at the course, claimed in his evidence during the course of the John Donnan inquest, he had warned the safety officers of the danger after seeing another rider, hit one of the same bales and break a leg, but Richard Nesbitt, alleged convenor of the road inspection committee for looking after competitors' and spectators' safety for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland Ulster centre, said he could not remember receiving any such warning from Mr Irwin, but the obvious question is this: Did James Irwin, chief marshal at the course, also warn the Clerk of the Course - the Chief Executive Official at the Meeting - and if not - why not?

Following on from the first accident allegedly caused by the alleged killer chicane that Saturday in May 2007 - what measures were immediately introduced by the Chief Executive Official, to alleviate the ongoing problems being caused by what was surely the most notorious of chicanes in the whole of real road racing? Were orders issued by the Chief Executive Official of the Meeting to have the chicane substantially modified, or removed altogether, and if so, to who were they made, and why were they not acted upon?

If however it is the case that the aforementioned Clerk of the Course, in his capacity as the Chief Executive Official of the Meeting, failed miserably to have the alleged killer chicane modified, or dismantled, then he allegedly failed in his alleged duty of care towards the riders and spectators alike?

And finally for Part One of Can There Be More Than One God? How many Gods were present at the 2007 Tandragee 100 real road race meeting, and did any of them actually care one way or the other about the safety of the competitors and spectators?

It was, said Senior Coroner John Leckey, by the grace of God that the inquest was not dealing with multiple fatalities.

Save Our Sport From Evil

©2010 Motorcycle RealRoadRacing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

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Friday, 12 March 2010

I'm An MCUI-UC Celebrity Official - Therefore I Am God! Allegedly!

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Friends, Riders, Enthusiasts, lend me your ears;
I come to bury the MCUI-UC, not to praise them.
The evil that officials allegedly do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with the MCUI-UC. The noble Barbiegirl
Hath told you the MCUI-UC was allegedly evilous:
If it were not so, many are those who would allegdly,
Remain this day within our midst as heroes racing.

Save Our Sport This Day From Evil

No offence is intended to any persons by the foregoing, however,
the foregoing disclaimer, allegedly doth not apply to the MCUI-UC

To begin with, the interior of my wee apartment always used to be something of a novelty to friends and colleagues, a major source of amusement - all likened it to a crime scene - who stole the television, the microwave cooker, the radio, the telephone, the computer, and the paintings from the walls - even the cherished photographs?

The inmates in our prisons live a more lavish lifestyle than mine, leastways that's what these friends and colleagues frequently said of my sparser than sparse private living arrangements - though to be honest, being an ardent music lover, I do possess a rather expensive surround sound music system which plays CDs, and only CDs, much to the annoyance of my neighbours - probably explains why none ever stay around for more than a few weeks.

Motorcycle road racing, another passion, I watch that at friends, sadly seldom live, mostly recorded - nonetheless, watching MotoGP, WSBK, and BSB with a group of friends is always a much enjoyed sociable occasion, and a greatly highly entertaining one.

Reality TV shows, I hear about through the age old medium of gossiping, my male colleagues being slightly more guilty than their female counterparts - dancing, skating, cooking, singing - they've all apparently been degraded - and now from America, the US of A, comes the most abhorrently disgusting new reality television show ever.

Tyler Linders - The Next MotoGP Star Reality TV ShowComing soon to TVs all over America - The Next MotoGP Star Reality Show. Really - how sick is that I ask you? One of the Stars of this show will be Tyler Linders, who's already been racing for the last three years, who according to this YouTube Promotional Clip for the show - is a mere thirteen years old.

Here in Northern Ireland, what facilities do we have for our MotoGP Stars of the future - Bishopscourt and Kirkistown, both of which were former World War Two airfields - something they still resemble, though to be fair, when one considers the other similar 'track' we once apparently had - the infamously notorious Aghadowey Chicken Run - now thankfully defunct, and what a Great Escape that allegedly was. If ever there was a short circuit track in Northern Ireland that actually made our real road race tracks resemble something humane, in the opinion of many, it was the Aghadowey Chicken Run.

Long before my time as a motorcycle road racing spectator, there also existed, Maghaberry, a track which by all accounts, with financial backing, had genuine potential - apart from two rather insignificant problems that is - the Government decided to build a prison on the site - HMP Maghaberry, and as history has taught us time and time again - those at the helm of all things Motorcycle Racing here in Northern Ireland - would allegedly spend money on anything, other than providing a safe environment for the competitors and spectators whose safety they are allegedly responsible for.

Save Our Sport From Evil

©2010 Motorcycle RealRoadRacing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Springtime Tools For The Frog Bear Rabbit

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Finally, no white stuff falling from the Heavens, no wet stuff either - strange clear blue skies, sunshine, spring has hopefully sprung - time to discard the dust covers, the moth balls - and sod it - flat soddin' battery!

For the technically minded, here's a list of the equipment the mechanically minded in our midst might possibly require - me excluded - and as some might realise, this emanated from within the US of A

A little light relief before storm clouds gather to wreak havoc upon whosoever would destroy our sport.

HAMMER: Originally employed as a weapon of war, the hammer nowadays is used as a kind of divining rod to locate expensive parts not far from the object we are trying to hit.

MECHANIC'S KNIFE: Used to open and slice through the contents of cardboard cartons delivered to your front door; works particularly well on boxes containing seats and motorcycle jackets.

ELECTRIC HAND DRILL: Normally used for spinning steel Pop rivets in their holes until you die of old age, but it also works great for drilling mounting holes in fenders just above the brake line that goes to the rear wheel.

PLIERS: Used to round off bolt heads.

HACKSAW: One of a family of cutting tools built on the Ouija board principle. It transforms human energy into a crooked, unpredictable motion, and the more you attempt to influence its course, the more dismal your future becomes.

VISE-GRIPS: Used to round off bolt heads. If nothing else is available, they can also be used to transfer intense welding heat to the palm of your hand.

OXYACETYLENE TORCH: Used almost entirely for lighting various flammable
objects in your garage on fire. Also handy for igniting the grease inside a brake
drum you're trying to get the bearing race out of.

WHITWORTH SOCKETS: Once used for working on older British cars and motorcycles, they are now used mainly for impersonating that 9/16 or 1/2 socket you've been searching for the last 15 minutes.

DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal
bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, splattering it against that freshly painted part you were drying.

WIRE WHEEL: Cleans rust off old bolts and then throws them somewhere under the
workbench with the speed of light. Also removes fingerprint whorls and hard-earned guitar calluses in about the time it takes you to say, "MCUI-UC... F.... B...."

HYDRAULIC FLOOR JACK: Used for lowering a motorcycle to the ground after you have installed your new front disk brake setup, trapping the jack handle firmly
under the front fender.

EIGHT-FOOT LENGTH 2X4 OAK: Used for levering a motorcycle upward off a hydraulic jack.

TWEEZERS: A tool for removing wood splinters.

PHONE: Tool for calling your neighbor to see if he has another hydraulic floor jack.

SNAP-ON GASKET SCRAPER: Theoretically useful as a sandwich tool for spreading mayonnaise; used mainly for getting dog-doo off your boot.

E-Z OUT BOLT AND STUD EXTRACTOR: A tool that snaps off in bolt holes and
is ten times harder than any known drill bit.

TIMING LIGHT: A stroboscopic instrument for illuminating grease buildup.

TWO-TON HYDRAULIC ENGINE HOIST: A handy tool for testing the tensile strength of ground straps and brake lines you may have forgotten to disconnect.

CRAFTSMAN 1/2 x 16-INCH SCREWDRIVER: A large motor mount prying tool that inexplicably has an accurately machined screwdriver tip on the end without the handle.

BATTERY ELECTROLYTE TESTER: A handy tool for transferring sulfuric acid from a car battery to the inside of your toolbox after determining that your battery is dead as a doornail, just as you thought.


TROUBLE LIGHT: The mechanic's own tanning booth. Sometimes called a drop light, it is a good source of vitamin D, "the sunshine vitamin," which is not otherwise found under motorcycles at night. Health benefits aside, it's main purpose is to consume 40-watt light bulbs at about the same rate that 105-mm howitzer shells might be used during, say, the first few hours of the Battle of the Bulge. More often dark than light, its name is somewhat misleading.

PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER: Normally used to stab the lids of old-style paper-and-tin oil cans and splash oil on your shirt; can also be used, as the name implies, to round off Phillips screw heads.

AIR COMPRESSOR: A machine that takes energy produced in a coal-burning power plant 200 miles away and transforms it into compressed air that travels by hose to a Chicago Pneumatic impact wrench that grips rusty bolts last tightened 60 years ago by someone in Springfield, and rounds them off.

PRY BAR: A tool used to crumple the metal surrounding that clip or bracket you needed to remove in order to replace a 50 cent part.

HOSE CUTTER: A tool used to cut hoses 1/2 inch two short.

The Ever So Sad Tale Of The Poor Wee Bunny Rabbit

One day in the great forest a magical frog was hopping down to a water hole. This forest was so big that the frog had never seen another animal in all his life. By chance today though, a bear was chasing after a poor wee bunny rabbit to have for dinner.

The frog called for the two to stop. The frog said, "Because you are the only two animals I have seen, I will grant you both three wishes. Bear, you go first."

The bear thought for a minute, and being the male he was, said, "I wish for all the bears in this forest, besides me, to be female."

For his wish, the wee bunny rabbit asked for a crash helmet, and immediately put it on. The bear was amazed at the stupidity of the rabbit, wasting his wish like that.

It was the bear's second turn for a wish. "Well, I wish that all the bears in the next forest were female as well."

The wee bunny rabbit asked for a motorcycle and immediately hopped on it and started the engine. The bear was shocked that the rabbit was asking for these stupid things, after all, he could have asked for money and bought the motorcycle.

For the last wish the bear thought for a while and then said, "I wish that all the bears in the world, besides me, were female."

The wee bunny rabbit grinned, revved the engine, and said, "I wish that the bear was gay." And then the wee bunny rabbit roared of on his brand new motorcycle, but sadly, the poor cuddly wee bunny rabbit didn't live happily ever after - instead he decided to embark on a career in real road racing, not realising his safety depended upon those ------ sorry folks, that's all we've time for, but if you know how the story ends, don't keep it to yourself.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Alleged Organised Crime! Government or Private Sector?

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland
Accountability - what a truly wondrous concept, as indeed is the Internet another altogether glorious concept - one which affords even the most insignificant of people the means to have their opinions transmitted to every far flung corner of the Global village. A person such as I for instance, someone who in the good old days, before Tandragee 2007, would have been looked contemptuously down upon as that annoying, arrogantly irritating bitch who nattered constantly in the ears of the disinterested - constantly whinging about safety - is this safe, is that safe, is that chicane safe, but would they have listened? No! Not then, and why would they have listened to anyone - when it was easier just to ignore them.

Far be it for me to inform the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited what the rest of the World's population already know - this is the age of instant communication, the 21st century in which we now live - the age of the all powerful dinosaurs has long since passed into history, and oblivion.

Therefore, and rightly so - the simple act of allegedly having a member of the once downtrodden fairer sex removed from a real road racing website forum, because that same said person dared to spout forth allegedly disparaging comments about the hordes of those allegedly pulchritudinous hallowed saints within the alleged sacred and venerable walls of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - that same aforementioned modern passionate female - hasn't gone away you know. Didn't your mothers tell you anything about the fairer sex?

If any single person in the whole of this World is guilty of uttering comments that have been unhelpful to the sport of real road racing in Northern Ireland, it is surely he, who allegedly said in court "I can't remember the man saying anything sensible other than nattering away in my ear. If someone is constantly coming at you it is easier just to ignore them"

To all those lovely people, riders, teams, racing fans from around the World, who've taken the time to send me their messages of support, encouragement, love, ideas and suggestions for articles - please accept my sincere thanks - many of the messages have been hilariously funny, some so funny in fact, we so nearly had accidents - all of your messages have brightened up the dullest of days, and be assured, each and every single message has been gratefully received, and of course replied to - I hope.

Special thanks also to those people within various Government Departments, various Legal offices, and places of authority I dare not mention, my own included, and wherever you each may be - your continuing support is of course very much appreciated as of course is the supplied invaluable information. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again - my love to you all.

Many thanks to the lovely ‘Rapid’ for the wonderful photographs from sunny California, and our backroom guys for looking after the website, and acquiring the new domain name for me - I just love the new layout guys - thank you.

Last year we had the Governments expenses scandals that rocked and shocked a nation of decent hard working people. At the next election though, we will have the opportunity to vote out those who just didn't 'get it' and of course those whose policies we disagree with - personally speaking I am of the opinion, they're all only in it for the money anyway, and those incredulous expenses, but yet again - I digress.

When it comes to our sport of motorcycle racing though, we don't have that same opportunity, we cannot vote them out, come to think of it, neither did we vote them in - not when the Government of your sport is in actual fact, a registered Limited Company - a business - although to be fair, in many homes around Northern Ireland, many of those allegedly involved in the current sordid debacle, will no doubt now be rueing the day the MCUI-UC became the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, and let's not forget the North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited, for they too, may not yet have allegedly escaped a return to the Courts of Justice.

All that alleged money, alleged expenses, and those alleged freebie junkets, all of that alleged power so easily wielded - and now they await the feared ominous knock upon the door. As many of my friends, colleagues, and adversaries - for want of a more fitting description - would testify - a sympathetic person, I most definitely am not, not in the least. As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap - I say - and on that very same subject.

Accountability - from the swirling mists around the shores of this small Island of Ireland, will one day allegedly emerge, the Grim Reaper of Accountability, and off the alleged guilty I simply ask - are you prepared for Judgement Day?

Clarification cometh within my next posting - the expenses scandal unlocked, and revealed to all - who might possibly face the wrath of JUSTICE!

(Many thanks to my good friend 'Rapid' for forwarding the cartoon - me thinks he's perhaps having a sly wee dig at sweet innocent me.)

Save Our Sport From Evil

©2010 Motorcycle RealRoadRacing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

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Monday, 8 March 2010

Dear Minister - The Gladiatorial Alternative

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

It's true, alright perhaps only nearly always true, that talent has to eventually manifest itself, but only if you have it - genuine talent - 100% proof, as in our locally distilled firewater - poteen.

Freddie Spencer was one such talented individual, even at four, allegedly, but certainly when winning races as a fourteen year old, and at sixteen - having successfully taken on the AMA Pros - some guy called Irv Kannemoto took him under his wing, gave him a serious piece of kit to play with, and the rest is history - not that I was around to witness it you understand, but a good friend just happened to be.

Elena Myers, she wasn't around to see Freddie Spencer in his heyday either, but since beginning her motorcycle racing career at the age of eight, she's been doing her level best to emulate her fellow countryman by also winning races Stateside. Aged eleven, the talented Elena had her first outing on a 125cc GP bike, and won - and now aged sixteen, she's just taken on the 600 Supersport Pros at Daytona where she had two 7th place finishes.

How far she'll progress over the next few seasons will depend on whether or not her natural talent fully manifests itself, and not because she hasn't been given the tools to do the job, every assistance is allegedly being offered, and given. From here on in, the pressure will be heaped upon her young shoulders, not only by the team, but by the sponsors, the media, and the fans - she will be expected to deliver the desired results, the headlines.

Here in Northern Ireland we also have talent aplenty - Jonathan Rea and Eugene Laverty - both on the World stage, and both winning, and the talented Nicole McAleer, who this season will move up from competing in the British 125GP Championship to join the Metzler National Superstock 600 Championship, and I for one wish her every possible success in the new venture.

Sadly - unlike Freddie and Elena - our Omagh born talented eighteen year old Nicole, has to travel with her family, across the Irish Sea to the United Kingdom mainland to compete in her chosen sport, and nor does she receive a fraction of the recognition afforded to Elena, or anything remotely close to the same level of sponsorship either. Possibly though, it could well be her own fault, after all, who amongst us cares whether she wins or loses on the UK mainland - if she wanted recognition, she should've been competing at our real road race circuits here in Ireland - North and South.

Had she chosen to participate who knows what could have happened by now, she may quite possibly have been already famous amongst the die hard fans of our local gladiatorial sport, joined the list of worshipped gladiators, or God forbid, her name could very well have joined an even longer unmentionable list of local gladiators of our real road racing scene.

Tom Herron - another extraordinarily talented motorcycle road racer - he was another of the home grown heroes - tragically killed at one of our more famous real road races, the North West 200, and since it to was 'before my time' - I will resist making comment on the 'should he have been permitted to race or not' debate that allegedly raged at the time.

The point of it all is simple - from his tragic death - Northern Ireland was allegedly to acquire itself, a real Grand prix Standards race track - a purpose designed and built track with not a tree, wall, telegraph pole, house or hedge within sight of the circulating riders.

Sadly though, history shows what we all are already painfully aware off, the track never materialised, but we do still have our real road racing, and riders, and spectators are still being injured - and killed but fret not I say, for isn't each and every accident - allegedly, a freak accident and a risk competitors and fans alike, accept in the pursuit of their chosen sport.

Since then, as what's his name would have said - and there's more - we've had a proposal for a similar Grand Prix safety conscious car and motorcycle race track within the Sydenham area of Belfast - convenient to Ferries and Airport - and another within the Kilroot area - also convenient to Ferries and Airports - and presumably, there have been others - Nutts Corner for instance, so why is it that we still only have two former ancient airfields masquerading as race tracks in Northern Ireland?

Allegedly, there were objections, allegedly certain people objected merely on the grounds that the construction of such a track facility - would bring to an end to real road racing within Northern Ireland. Surely not!

Sportsmen and sportswoman throughout Northern Ireland are being discriminated against, as are their fans - to participate in their chosen sport, these sportsmen and sportswoman have to travel to another country - they, and their legions of fans, are being denied reasonable access to their sport of choice, and by whom I have to ask?

Here's a suggestion from Barbiegirl - a proposal to place before our Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure - Mr Nelson McCausland MLA - Since the defunct Maze prison is now not to be the site of any new National Sports Stadium, make good use of the available acreage of wasteland, and construct a state of the art race track facility on it.

And if money is the problem - for years now, the North West 200 promoters have allegedly been claiming attendance figures of 100000 people and beyond - £100.00 from each and every motorcycle racing fan in Northern Ireland, would go a long way towards the construction of a purpose built safe race track facility.

Most certainly, I would much prefer contributing £100.00 to an International Standards Multi Layout Race Track, as opposed to the construction of additional Memorial Gardens. But of course there would be imposed conditions - the MCUI-UC in any guise, would have to excluded, likewise 2&4 Wheels, any Club officials currently aligned with the aforementioned MCUI-UC, and please, please, please, no more QUANGOS!

And before the age old arguments fire up on all cylinders - how many more deaths must we have before the dinosaurs waken from their slumber, and we're all sick of hearing that we the fans will not pay to watch motorcycle races - tell that to the fans attending the NW200, the UGP, the fans who, if real road racing isn't banned, will allegedly have to pay to avail themselves of the 'Customer Viewing Areas' at any remaining real road races.

But first Mr McCausland, before you make any decision on the future of our sport - help us remove the dinosaurs - I beseech you.

Those who fail to seize this opportunity to right the wrongs - will have the blood from the next tragedy on their hands, and in my opinion those people would most certainly be guilty of gross negligence, if not manslaughter.

It's a simple choice we have - preserve the alleged lifestyles of the dinosaurs, or preserve the lives of not only the riders but also the vulnerable innocent motorcycle race fans from throughout Northern Ireland - whether they be man, woman or child.

Save Our Sport From Evil

©2010 Motorcycle RealRoadRacing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Faugheen Road Races 2010 Cancelled

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

The Tandragee 100 promoters seem to have set a new trend - hot on the heels of their recent cancellation comes the announcement that the Faugheen 50 Supporters Club have with 'great regret' cancelled the Faugheen Road Races, also laying the blame on the current economic conditions.

And as with the North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Ltd, the Faugheen 50 Supporters Club also said they remained committed to running the Faugheen, Carrick-on-Suir road race event in 2011 and would pursue with tremendous vigour a number of major fund raising events throughout 2010 in order to have sufficient funds available, to pay bills, prior to running the road race in 2011.

Most of the approximated €80,000 required to stage the annual Faugheen Road Races, came mainly from competitors entrance fees and programme sales etc.

We await with baited breath for the next unexpected cancellation announcement, and wonder from which side of the border it's most likely to emerge.

Save Our Sport From Evil

©2010 Motorcycle RealRoadRacing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

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The Road To Gross Negligence & Vicarious Liability

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

As mentioned in the earlier Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 posting - currently on the cards for serious consideration at all real road races within Northern Ireland - designated spectator viewing areas - there would of course be 'Spectator Grandstands' - 'Customer Grandstands' all situated a suitably safe distance from the ever present dangers within the vicinity of the roads. 'Customer Grandstands' protected with adequate catch fencing capable of stopping a crashing, airborne speeding motorcycle' - something all fans of real road racing would gladly pay for.

So how much would you be willing to pay for your race day seat, and how much would you be willing to pay for an open to the Northern Ireland elements Grandstand race day seat?

The writing had of course magically appeared on walls long before Senior Coroner John Leckey said in Court - "a hard look should be taken at the safety issues in all the circuits" - many issues have be addressed by the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited and others, in particular - in the event of yet another tragedy at whose door would the blame now be be laid?

After the infamous Richard Nesbitt straw bales statement, we can all rest assured in the knowledge that it's highly unlikely we'll be seeing an explosion of straw bales at our circuits any time soon. They've not only been proven to be ineffective, but downright unstable, and hence - dangerous to both the riders and fans. And although, according to a Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited official - there was allegedly nothing more stable available in 2007 - clearly that wasn't quite true, so what pathetic excuse would they think of for the next inquest?

At this stage, when our sport is being investigated at the highest level, taking precautions - reasonable or otherwise - is not a viable option - remedial action must be taken, and seen to have been taken to drastically, and effectively address the previous alleged gung-ho approach to safety measures at all of our real road racing events here in Northern Ireland.

If real road racing has a future here, the future of all real road racing in Northern Ireland is soon to be showcased at the 2010 North West 200 - a circuit of multiplying, straw bale free, chicanes and grandstands, and the reasons for all of these these additions, are as one would expect - reasonably complex.

Safety will allegedly be the official MCUI-UC reason, and rightly so, after all, from here on in, when the Roads Inspection Committee approve a real road racing circuit, and issue a Track Certificate to the promoting Club and/or Limited Company, in the event of any incident occurring, the Directors of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited could easily find themselves being held responsible, and God forbid, charged under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

Therefore, common sense should tell each and every one of us, that Safe areas for spectators is equally as important as a safe track for the competitors. All allegedly incompetent MCUI-UC officials must be replaced with non-megalomaniacal officials, all of whom should make themselves aware of the meaning of such legal phrases as gross negligence and vicarious liability - before accepting such responsibilities - man's legal responsibilities to man.

Allegedly, money may well be another reason, something I entirely agree with, more stable chicane systems will have to be acquired - if available that is - and professionally constructed - safe grandstands will also have to be obtained, professionally constructed, and protected by adequate catch fencing - official money collectors, along with crowd control officials will have to be on hand, all measures that require financing.

And finally, money may also allegedly be required to purchase shiny new motorcycles - how else will all those officials be able to inspect and make use of the new track facilities? The official in charge of finance for instance, wouldn't he/she require the use of a shiny new motorcycle? How else would he/she be able to count the number of paying spectators - sorry - customers around the circuits? Additionally, they could have as a pillion passenger, their significant other - allegedly claim expenses for them - the MCUI-UC is after all the Governing Body of our sport, so why shouldn't they allegedly join in with the expenses scandal allegations directed towards our other Governments?

Save Our Sport From Evil

©2010 Motorcycle RealRoadRacing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Snowy Whytie And The Magnificent Seven - Fall Guys

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

The Parody Of The Vanities
We live - you, me, him, her, and that lot over there - in a dog eat dog world, a world in which we each have to possess the ability to protect our asses, the unshakable desire to survive against all of the odds, and God forbid, if things do go pear shape, the unwavering wilfully callous vicious ability to pass the buck, to crush, and destroy your fellow man, or woman, and in particular your designated magnificent seven - fall guys.

To survive the inevitable, the trick is - not to be complacent - always assume the next disaster lurks around the very next corner, anticipate failure, and be prepared for it, not as in - how to prevent it - rather in how to avoid being the fall guy - or to put it another way, how to avoid having your ass hauled through the mire by the assembled media, then through the courts.

To avoid being the individual ass that stops the buck, one should lessen the odds - spread the odds, and hence, you will deftly escape, relatively unscathed.

Be heard, be seen to have delegated - safety officers - that's a job for those seven guys over there, they need to feel wanted, important - give them each a title - that always works, a badge with their name - how important are they now!

With the stage now set, failure is inevitable, the curtain raises, you're Snowy the Master Illusionist, and your first trick - not being part of the much publicised magnificent seven safety officers - the magnificent seven fall guys.

Next, from the audience - pluck an alibi - actually, as many as you can muster - no easy task you might think - but if experience has taught you anything, it's taught you to be media savvy - but first - dispose of the fall guys, disperse them to the three corners of your universe, out of sight - especially from those all seeing cameras.

Flaunt yourself, imagine you're a prostitute, flaunt your body - actually no, come to think of it, scrub the flaunt your body suggestion - cover it with a trendy jacket, preferably a freebie highly visible trendy jacket - pose with anybody who's just as desperate for the publicity as you are.

Now you're covered, your ass that is - should the anticipated disaster actually occur, you've spent the day in front of the cameras, your mug is everywhere, all those witnesses, not a smoking gun was ever in sight - but the Magnificent Seven Fall Guys - what were they doing?

Be first to publicly raise your concerns, ask the questions, the officials in charge of safety - were they doing anything sensible other than nattering away in each others ears? Surely they won't be using the old - it was easier just to ignore the waiting to happen catastrophe routine.

Wait - Wait - Breaking News - It was all a dream - Snowy was in the shower all the time - the show never actually started - some publicity seeking guy spent so much time posing for the cameras - there wasn't time - maybe next year folks. But don't despair, and don't forget to book your grandstand seats for next years exciting Snowy Whytie And The Magnificent Seven - Fall Guys - Show.

The Disclaimer Of The Vanities
All of the foregoing characters are obviously fictitious and any similarity to the names, or characters, of any actual real person or character is entirely accidental and most certainly unintentional, therefore any allegations suggesting the contrary are obviously unfounded alleged allegations and will allegedly be treated as such.

Furthermore, all animals herein, and non-existent herein characters were treated humanely throughout the writing of this post - apart from the one broken nail - on my index finger - left hand - but it's okay folks - I'm right handed - I think.

Save Our Sport From Evil

©2010 Motorcycle RealRoadRacing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

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