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Who Pays The MCUI-UC Ferryman?

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During the course of the relatively recent John Donnan Inquest at Laganside Courts, it was allegedly claimed there was nothing more stable available for a chicane at a real road race meeting in 2007 - than straw bales - white painted straw bales no less - very high tech, very professional, very cheap - very bargain basement safety measures for the new Millennium. If this wasn't a blatant lie, blatant perjury, I would just love to hear why not, and if it was, when are those responsible to be prosecuted?

The Rota-Barrier from Oaklands Plastics - an integrated plastic barrier system for track safety was available long before 2007, as were many other readily available systems. Using this Web Archive Link - one can view the Rota-Barrier on the pre 2007 Oaklands Plastics Website - simply select the pre 2007 year you would like to view.

As it is a fact that contrary to the evidence allegedly presented in Court by a Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited official, there was indeed a more stable professional chicane system available before 2007, are we to assume the real reason for using straw bales was something other than availability?

Please tell me those in charge of looking after competitors' and spectators' safety at the Tandragee 100, and all other real road races in Northern Ireland / Ulster - did not regularly sacrifice the safety of riders and fans alike - for financial reasons?

Before jumping to any wild fantasy conclusions, perhaps yet another brief delve into the finances of real road racing here in Ulster / Northern Ireland would be in order.

Apart from the finance raised from sponsors, allegedly extortionate competitors entrance fees, programme sales, advertising and such like, the Tandragee 100 has in the past also been probably - allegedly been supported by Armagh City and District Council.

First though - by law, the Barbiegirl Real Road Racing Blog is obliged to issue a Health and Safety Warning - for all those residents, and businesses residing within the boundaries of the aforementioned Armagh City and District Council, who stump up a hefty yearly sum for domestic and non-domestic rates.

For the purposes of this little exercise, intelligent guesstimates will be made, which begin as follows - in the period 2007, 2008, 2009, my guess would be that the Tandragee 100 motorcycle road races received from Armagh City and District Council, on behalf of their financially hard pressed residents and businesses, approximately £16000.00 - actually - perhaps I'm wrong - it may have been more like £16660.00.

Also, according to information received - for the Tandragee 100 motorcycle road races held in 2007, 2008, 2009, and presumably those that went before, the Roads Service as an Agency within the Department for Regional Development, was never allocated any specific funding for services rendered to these real road racing events.

Before and during the day of the race meetings those services included a mechanical road sweeper being used to clean all of the road surfaces, normally a two day task, and also making the machine available, with staff, for the duration of the event.

Roads Services also ensured all of the road verges and drainage systems were in good condition - and might it be pointed out that funds for all of this work came not from the MCUI-UC, or the North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited, but from the annual budget of the Roads Service, Southern Division.

Obviously, this is more than likely the case with all of our real road racing events throughout Northern Ireland - therefore we the taxpayers, are paying the bills - we the taxpayers of Northern Ireland, and the rest of the Unitied Kingdom are subsidising the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - and the promoting Clubs, most of which also appear to be Limited Companies.

And now for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, allegedly poverty stricken I've heard rumoured over the years - perhaps if their alleged amateur volunteer officials allegedly weren't paid quite so much, if considerably less was spent on the alleged Company Officials benefits scheme, something altogether more stable than white painted straw bales - may have been available in 2007.

Insurance - one of the necessary evils of modern day living - but who actually pays for it? Yet again, I must have a wild stab in the dark, and pull from my knickers drawer the approximate figure of, and it is a guess I stress - £1,500.00 give or take a few £10.00 notes that a Club, usually masquerading as a Limited Company has to pay into the coffers of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited for the purposes of promoting one National short circuit motorcycle race meeting - probably half that amount for a Clubman’s short circuit motorcycle race meeting.

You want to promote a real road race I hear you say - well in that case, I’d imagine you'd have to dig deep and stump up somewhere in the region of just under £11000.00 to the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited for your one National road race and approximately £21000.00 for your one International motorcycle real road racing event.

But of course, all of the aforementioned figures relating to Insurance for the forthcoming season - may have to be revised somewhat, probably upwards, for as I've alleged in an earlier posting - Insurance! What Insurance? Allegedly, the preferred pre 2010 Insurance Company, has allegedly performed an Elvis - and allegedly left the building.

Fantastic figures you might think, and that's what they are, fantasy figures from silly me, therefore they are of course alleged figures, unless the foregoing alleged figures should happen to be true.

There would of course be other necessary Insurance payments to be handed over - you know the sort of thing - officials would most likely need to have personal accident cover, practice days would probably be extra, and commission of course, etc etc.

God forbid an official was ever to be injured at a motorcycle race meeting here in Northern Ireland / Ulster, they'd get very little in the way of compensation - something really serious, including death - probably only between £60000.00 and £70000.00 - and then there'd be weekly payments to consider - sorry, didn’t quite hear what you asked young man - oh right - how much would you be entitled to receive if injured, or killed - are you stupid? What good is money if you're dead?

And there's more - more payments to be made to the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, many, many more payments to be made to Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, and here my friends - a Tina Turner - Simply The Best - The Roads Inspection Fee!

Yes - Yes - Yes! You read it correctly, it's not an illusion - it's the incredible Roads Inspection Fee which translates into £60.00 for every visit those nice people make to your chosen real road race venue, the very same nice people who allegedly look after competitors' and spectators' safety.

So who dare I ask - who visited the Tandragee 100 real road racing circuit prior to the 2007 event, and decreed it as being safe for competitors and spectators alike?

Who came to the conclusion that placing a ludicrous white painted straw bales chicane in the middle of a narrow, bumpy Armagh country road, would be in the best interest of competitors' and spectators' safety?

Who researched the availability of a professionally manufactured, and stable, interlocking barrier system for race tracks, and then decided there was nothing more stable than straw bales available in 2007?

Who within the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - decided that not to use £722000.00 of a £1000000.00 (Yes! £1 million) Government grant for improving safety measures at our motorcycle racing events, was a really terrific idea?

Who are these morons that are allegedly in charge of competitors' and spectators' safety at motorcycle racing events in Northern Ireland / Ulster?

Please don't tell me any of them are Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited officials!

God No! Not Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited Officials!

For the present, here is a suggestion for the aforementioned Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - some of that £20000.00 that has allegedly just recently matured - spend it on safety measures that will significantly assist in protecting the lives of the competitors and spectators you're already allegedly supposed to be protecting.

Either that, or use it to take each and every Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited official on a vacation - to some exotic far of land - a remote island for instance - an island preferably inhabited by cannibals.

And since the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited allegedly hasn't been capable of using £700000.00 plus of the very generous £1000000.00 Government Grant to drastically improve safety at our motorcycle racing venues - before jetting off guys - send it my way - it can rest easy in my account, less what I need for a few celebration parties, and the extended US of A touring vaction I'm planning.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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