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Protecting You - From The Evil In Me!

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Until quite recently, I'd been making postings on an Irish motorcycle racing forum over at - RRR to some - until that is, they decided to delete my last two postings, and would you believe it, they then banned little insignificant me from using their forum - banished to the wilderness, all alone, unwanted, unloved - Dream On My Friends!

Perhaps they were just protecting real road racing fans from evil - me - or perhaps it had something to do with the posting content, the official news therein - which will be posted here - very soon.

I should have known, not been quite so naive, after all, it had already been said, apparently there's a time and a place to raise these serious issues, and now is apparently not the time, and the Internet is seemingly not the place.

Not sure then when the right time is, but burying heads in the sand isn't the answer, unless of course that's what real road racing fans do these days. This is 2010 people, and the coroner was correct, the riders and teams are generally well financed and professional but on the available evidence, it would seem to me, the organisers, and the the MCUI-UC are seemingly anything but.

Consider these two insignificant little snippets of evidence for instance: "I can't remember the man saying anything sensible other than nattering away in my ear. If someone is constantly coming at you it is easier just to ignore them" Remember who uttered these now infamous words in Court - No, it wasn't the village eejit - allegedly, it was Richard Nesbitt, alleged convenor of the road inspection committee for allegedly looking after competitors' and spectators' safety for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, the very same person who allegedly claimed there was nothing more stable available in 2007 - More stable than straw bales that is! In the year 2007! Get real!

What sort of attitude is that to take when people’s lives are at risk? Who wasn't shocked, disgusted to hear such an idiotic statement being made in the coroners court. This man doesn't deserve a position of responsibility in any sport, yet he is the alleged convenor of the road inspection committee for allegedly looking after competitors' and spectators' safety for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - Our Lives!

On reflection, I do now realise when the time is right to discuss this travesty of justice, and I also now realise where the place is - Right here - and Now!

I've heard it said, the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited will never ever take responsibility for a competitor or fan being killed at a race meeting in Northern Ireland. Blaming the rider has always been an easy opt out clause for them, as was demonstrated by Tom Harvey (MCUI) concluding after conducting his alleged review of the tragic incident "It could only be described as a freak accident and a risk competitors accept in the pursuit of their chosen sport."

How easy that much used tired old phrase slides from the mouths of many. Next case!

We've all grown tired of the old 'freak accident' disclaimer these idiots trot out, this is 2010, it's outdated, as are the aforementioned officials, and what's more important - we have Health and Safety Laws in place, and we have our very own Health and Safety Executive - Why therefore was this allowed to happen. I would suggest that when the MCUI-UC decided to turn itself into the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, it may, or may not, have been totally, for the good of the sport, but perhaps for other reasons, an issue I intend to delve into - very soon. One thing about being a Registered Company - a business - unless I'm very much mistaken, that business, that Registered Company has to comply to relevant Health and Safety Laws.

Even more sickening is that other over used crass statement - competitors allegedly accept such risks in the pursuit of their chosen sport. I'm pretty sure; John didn't go to Tandragee thinking his wellbeing depended on Richard Nesbitt's alleged decision to ignore the concerns of the chief marshal at the course in regard to the dangers of the chicane. Riders go to race meetings believing the officials in charge, actually care about their safety. Safety should be the number one priority of every involved 'official' - paid or otherwise, and the ultimate responsibility for ensuring safety, should surely rest with the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, and it's Directors.

The foregoing is yet another of the numerous thorny issues to be investigated and discussed, including that of insurance - what type of insurance for instance was in existence prior to the January inquest - who was, or wasn't covered, and what of the future, the coming season - has the insurance company made changes, added new clauses, restricted the amount of available cover, or worse maybe - has the insurance company withdrawn cover altogether?

When the Tandragee 100 was recently cancelled due to 'the current economic climate and circumstances beyond our control' - could a failure to obtain insurance cover possibly be one of those 'circumstances beyond our control' - No Insurance? Surely Not?

I will be revisiting all of the aforementioned issues, and so, so many more, in the fullness of time - but for now my dear friends - may the patience be with you!

Save Our Sport From Evil

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