Thursday, 4 February 2010

All About Barbiegirl

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Name: Joanne Barbiegirl

Gender: Female

Industry: Government

Occupation: Barbaric Servant

Location: The Beautiful Wee Country Of Northern Ireland

About Me
Ardent fan of all things motorcycle racing, you know the sort of thing, the lovely real men it attracts - alright so there are a few who aren't, and yes, I admit it, I'm very passionate about worthwhile campaigns - particuarly the campaign to Save Our Sport From Evil.

My Interests
Music, Bikes, Socialising and that other unspeakable subject S E X = SEX

Always, always listening to music. Music can be very stimulating. Music can be very very relaxing.

I'm most definitely a fair-weather motorcyclist, winter riding's a non starter, presuming we're still discussing riding motorcycles. Love riding around the Mourne country, the incredibly scenic roads all around our North Coast, and the Glens, anywhere of the beaten track.

Love the Isle of Man, especially around by Tholt-y-Will Glen, Sulby Glen, Glen Mooar. Port Erin's another lovely wee spot, as is Port St Mary‎.

Ah, the joy of socialising with your closest of friends, intelligent conversations, a lovely meal, a good wine - what more could a girl ask for? SEX - That's What!

Sex - Mind-Blowing - I just love everything about it - and everything in between, above, below, the side, the other side, the inside, the outside, anywhere else I've missed.

My Wee Bike
Yamaha 1989 but I would love an MV Augusta F5, or the new F4 - only problem is, I might kill myself - would more like! Now wouldn't that be good news to some people!

Travelin' Light
You know that J. J. Cale song? 'A one way ticket to ecstasy, Away on down, just follow me, Travelin' light is the only way to fly'

Another road I've travelled some way along is Route 66 albeit by car - automobile even - sadly not on a motorcycle, but that's a trip I fully intend repeating during the course of the next couple of years, and it will be by bike - not my wee FZR400 though.

During that same extended holiday - vacation, being something of a compulsive exhibitionist, especially so after several glasses of red wine, and besides, the stresses of work sends you crazy - the Sturgis Rally will be on the agenda. Not that I'm a Hog fan, but I can see myself blending in nicely with the local scenery - Warning! Easily Offended? Do Not Click On This Link!

My Favourite Films
My all time favourite film hasn't been made - yet. What I have heard though - three of the possible titles - 'The Rise and Fall Of The Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited' or maybe 'The Rise and Fall Of The MCUI-UC' or perhaps even 'The Fall Of The Dinosaurs'. Until then a good thriller will suffice 'Who Killed Our Sport?' Real edge of the seat thriller and the ending! Who'd have thought it?

My Favourite Music
The whole gamut - no wait, that's a lie - I hate hate boy bands, poseurs (male. female or something in between) who can't string two notes together - you know the type, it's actually a computer doing the singing. Can listen to almost anything else - not Irish country though or rap or anything crap. Good honest music!

Favourite Books
The one I'm planning on writing - what title though - that is the difficult part - 'The Rise and Fall Of The Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited' or maybe 'The Rise and Fall Of The MCUI-UC' or perhaps even 'The Fall Of The Dinosaurs'

Save Our Sport From Evil

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