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The Rise and Fall Of Real Road Racing

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According to The Temple Motor Cycle and Athletic Club Limited website, having begun as early as 1921, one year before the road races act came into force, the now long departed, much lamented Temple 100 motorcycle road race was therefore one of the world's oldest such events, and most certainly, the first official real road racing event in Ireland.

In actual fact though, long before that inaugural official real road race, there had been many others, even here in Ireland. The first couple of guys with the necessary finances to rush out to the nearest Hildebrand & Wolfm├╝ller dealer and buy themselves one each of those noisy, smelly, suspensionless dangerous contraptions - first time out on our barely existent wee narrow, bumpy, twisty country roads - they just had to, we all know it - as men do – each had to prove who had the better machine - who had the bigger golf balls.

Nothing much has changed since then - not quite a return to Neanderthal man but certainly to the days when Gladiatorial man entertained audiences with their armed combatant skills - those long ago days of Roman excess and debauchery - Hmmmmm - Drool! Drool! - All that lovely d e b a u c h e r y !

During the course of a rather pleasant evening with a group of friends last night, good food, gossip, flowing wine, and inevitably the subject of real road racing here in Ireland came to the fore, or to be truthful the current state of the Barbiegirl Northern Ireland Real Road Racing Blog.

Of the other seven - only three of the four guys, all under the age of thirty, were capable of naming a local motorcycle road racer - Joey Dunlop. Sadly, one thought he was still alive, still racing, and still winning. The three girls - well, like the four guys, they could all name more than one famous motorcycle racer - Valentino Rossi. Others mentioned were Casey Stoner, that Gorgeous George guy, Jonathan Rea, Eugene Laverty. Not a mention of a single bona fide Irish real road racer.

All admitted to having watched MotoGP as broadcast by the BBC, whilst three of the guys had regularly watched World Superbikes and British SuperBikes on British Eurosport.

But had any ever taken the time to have a look at the generally late night recordings of our local real road racing events? Yes - and that's how our debate quickly descended into a 'Real Road Racing Should Be Banned' argument, with words such as barbaric, Neanderthals, Gladiators, and selfishness being much used.

The competitors in our local real road races, were in the opinion of the gathered throng, more akin to Gladiators participating in violent no holds barred confrontations with fellow rivals, each one as seemingly adept in the art of fighting to the death as the other, and all in front of an audience relentlessly baying for more, more, more.

Don't these Gladiators ever stop and think of their nearest and dearest, they asked? Wives - any children they might have conceived as a loving caring unselfish couple - children that their wives, partners, girlfriends may have yearned to bear?

Doesn't every female have the right to bear children - her husbands’ children, her partners’ children, her boyfriends’ children? Problem is, they made crystal clear, to many of these devoted women have been left to raise children on their own, whilst too many others have been denied the dubious privilege.

And what about their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, the rest of the family circle, and their friends?

And the riders, when it comes to selfishness, they're not alone - there are the hordes of officials for instance, many allegedly keeping our sport of real road racing alive for their own selfish motives - real road racing funded lifestyles, real road racing funded never ending ego trips - and then there's you and me – me, the selfish uncaring bitch - the fans who never stop and think about the real cost of our sport - the countless ruined lives, the women who have to live the rest of their lives without their chosen soul mate, the countless children going through life without a father - school concerts with no father present, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, wedding days - all without your father, but not to worry, once upon a time, your loving, caring, unselfish father was a real road racing hero - if only we could remember who he was.

The final question asked of me last night was simple, and straight to the point - if Northern Ireland were to miraculously have a first class MotoGP, WSBK, BSB type race circuit, a place where riders and fans, would be considerably better protected from serious injury, or worse, would I really miss real road racing that much?

Would you, or do you now truly believe and accept that each and every single real road racing tragic death ‘could only be described as a freak accident and a risk competitors accept in the pursuit of their chosen sport.’

And nearly finally, for now, what of our politicians, our Northern Ireland Executive Ministers up at Stormont on the hill, will they be swayed by the demands of selfish uncaring individuals, organisations, businesses - or will the whole dark sordid escapade become embroiled in yet more party political oneupmanship - and to Hell with the innocent lives of those whose opinions only count, come an election?

The Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, allegedly touts itself as being the Governing Body that shall have jurisdiction in all questions relating to the sport of motorcycling within the province of Ulster (nine county area) - competitors' and spectators' safety allegedly being one of those questions - a question they allegedly failed to answer.

If Mr. Nelson McCausland, MLA, Minister for Culture, Leisure & Arts imposes any crippling draconian restrictions upon our sport, or worse - he bans it for Health and Safety reasons - I for one, will lay the blame, the whole blame and nothing but the blame at the doors of the MCUI-UC.

PS. Please take note of the MCUI-UC pending new home on the World Wide Web. Strange is it not - the North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Limited re-brands itself, now the MCUI-UC with a new all singing, all dancing image sitting in the background - countdown to launch imminent. Pity they don't appear to be capable of doing magic tricks, such as the famous disappearing without trace Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre)Limited magic trick.

Actually - here's an idea - a suggestion for Mr. Nelson McCausland, MLA, Minister for Culture, Leisure & Arts - impose a democratically elected governing body upon our sport.

Give Our Sport Open and Transparent Governance

Save Our Sport From Evil

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