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The House Of Plenty White Knuckle Ride

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In the aftermath of the catastrophic 2007 Tandragee 100 motorcycle road racing event, and demise of the 2010 Tandragee 100, serious unresolved issues relating to the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, that's the MCUI-UC, now spring to mind - finances, insurance, liability - to name but three.

Today we are going to embark on a journey of discovery, a flight of fancy, an expedition into the very heart and soul of our sport's Governing Body – a business registered as a Limited Company at Companies House, Belfast, Northern Ireland - and here my friends I must pause to issue a timely health warning - voyagers on this exploration may experience hallucinations, delusion, grandeur, arrogance, hysteria, bewilderment, exasperation, perhaps even animosity, and guys - be advised, this will be the only time you'll ever have a ride with me, and not have to worry about size.

Our first stopover is right here at the terrifying white knuckle ride - 'House of Plenty' - a place of death defying highs and lows, a place of bountiful pleasures, a truly wondrous place where since the beginning of time itself, dinosaurs have allegedly roamed as masters of all they survey, feasted on the gifts of worshipping peasants.

It's on everyone’s top 10 list of favourite white knuckle rides - so let's talk finances - that lovely, lovely commodity we all crave to possess, the stuff that makes the world go around, helps racing motorcycles go around, and around, and around - sends officials here - there - everywhere.

But where does it come from, all that lovely money - do they have a licence to print it? No, No, No, don't be silly now - that would equate to another word not in the vocabulary of many - work. Why would you bother working when you, me, him over there, your granny, and everyone else generously contribute to the pot of bottomless gold?

So, since I hear finances, or rather lack of, being mooted as an excuse for lack of safety measures, wouldn't we all love to hear who foots the bills for the MCUI-UC officials etc who are afforded free accommodation and the rest, including lovely money, all over Ireland and beyond when attending race meetings, and more, more, more?

Is this what the money generated from riders hard earned entry fees cash is used for? Leastways the money from those riders who have to pay entry fees, usually those who can least afford it. No freebies for them, or justice either it seems - leastways, thus far that is.

More than likely, you already realised affiliated clubs pay an affiliation fee to the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, a business, and this money, allegedly - may or may not be used to finance officials of Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited.

And Government Money, our money, your money, my money - our politicians doling it out on our behalf - a little bird tells me one or two of said politicians are not all happy about the revelations of the inquest, in particular the 'easier to ignore' part. Questions have already even been asked of the Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland, as in, what part they played if any, if not – why not, and what part they're to play in the future.

Add into the mix 2 & 4 Wheels described as an umbrella organisation which represents the four governing bodies of regulated motor sport in Northern Ireland on issues which are common to all disciplines. I for one, pray ‘umbrella organisation’ doesn’t translate as ‘quango’ or ‘Northern Ireland Events Company’ – especially so when ’increasing the level of government funding for motor sport’ receives an honorary mention on their official website.

As we pause for a moment, listen carefully – can you believe it – ‘we’re volunteers, we volunteer our time you know – out of the goodness of our hearts’ (They have hearts! Goodness gracious! Who’d have thought it?) ‘We’re amateurs at this game don’t you know, sure didn’t the Coroner say so.’

'This ladies and gentlemen, is a dictionary', the girl proclaims hoisting above her head a mighty tome – within the pages of which she searches out three definitions.

Volunteer - a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

Amateur - a person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons. Also a person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity, for example - hunting lions is not for amateurs, nor is being responsible for the safety of competitors' and spectators' at motorcycle road races in Northern Ireland, or anywhere else, I would humbly suggest.

Professional - a person who earns a living in a sport or other occupation frequently engaged in by amateurs.

Your honour - assembled ladies, and gentlemen be so kind to notice that M'learned friends - they who would allegedly claim to be nothing more than humble volunteers working tirelessly for the good of our sport – who would allegedly claim to be mere amateurs – ruling over our sport for the exquisite pleasure it brings forth to their dull, boring lives. Perhaps though your honour, if you wouldn’t actually notice the word ‘working’ – there are many who possibly ought not to be working, volunteering, or receiving money, company perks – after all your honour, all of the aforementioned allegations, have yet to be fully verified.

One also hasn’t established fully if M'learned friends have declared the aforementioned alleged earnings, and company perks to the relevant Governmental Departments, or if the alleged payments, and awarded perks, have been declared by the Limited Company – anywhere within audited accounts. To be honest your honour, even naive little me doesn’t for one minute believe that any professionally managed business, Limited or otherwise, wouldn’t declare such trivial arrangements.

Time for a short break from our journey my friends, but don’t stray to far as soon, we’ll be having a close look at the possible legal implications there might well be in relation to those who allegedly act as directors of a limited company business such as the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited – and we will delve even deeper into the world of Finance.

These issues, including that of allegedly making payments to officials are so worryingly serious, one official has allegedly now taken on the role of ex-official – having allegedly resigned - you want a clue as to who may have allegedly resigned? Cast your mind back to the age of the dinosaurs, when Harris Tweed allegedly first appeared, as did the first wee Austin Healey.

Also on our agenda – Insurance, what was covered by insurance, what is not allegedly covered – thus far.

Sadly, I've work to attend to, another life, food to be consummed, a shower to be taken - powerful jets of gloriousy warm soapy water to wash away the filth from my body.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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