Friday, 12 February 2010

Heightened Drama - Terror Stalks The Streets

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Refreshed after our first foray into the world of finance, it had been my intention to steer us further in that direction, however, just for the moment a detour might be in order.

Separating elements that are part and parcel of a professional interlocked system, as indeed many elements are within a Limited Company, can I'm sure you'll appreciate, be more than a trifle difficult.

In these circumstances, finance is inevitably interlocked with liability, stringently so in law, though there are those who rather than face reality, would prefer to bury their heads somewhere unpleasant, pray the manure will bring forth the roses.

Others have allegedly taken advice though, allegedly resigned, but that in itself doesn't automatically release anyone from liability.

Indeed, the responsibilities that accompany the role of a Company Director, even an acting Company Director, are huge in any terms, as are the legal implications, and so one has to wonder if certain people fully understand the complexities of the Law relating to a Limited Company - and Directors.

On one point, many are probably wondering if as the Law requires of them, they have acted properly at all times, and rightly so.

It's a lonely thankless task - being an official - who knows what further misfortune could befall you, quite possibly for instance, you could find yourself being held liable for the actions of your fellow officials, whether or not you were actually involved in their decision making process.

As alleged in an earlier posting, one high profile official has already allegedly resigned, now comes the news that two others have allegedly taken the same one small step for the future of real motorcycle road racing, one giant leap for the safety of competitors and spectators - and allegedly resigned - this could soon turn into something resembling the Forsythe Saga, though to be honest when people are nattering away in your ear, it'd probably to easier just to resign.

Well you would resign yourself if other people were allegedly discussing gross negligence, civil proceedings, and criminal proceedings even, huge fines, huge legal fees, and who knows what else.

Next you add into the cake mix, Insurance, because without it, no matter what decision the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure reaches and acts upon - without Insurance - we have no real motorcycle road races anyway.

According to sources within the industry, an insurance company would not make payments if any individuals were found to have been negligent, and therefore those same individuals would allegedly be held liable for any awarded damages, and nor, allegedly, would an insurance company pay for any fines, or legal fees incurred by these same individuals.

And finally for the moment my fellow travellers, the previous insurance company, as used by Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited has allegedly declined to quote for this coming season 2010. And as anyone knows, one of the questions asked by any other insurance company you might approach for a new policy - is of course - has any other insurance company refused to supply you with a quote.

Yes - you're right, as usual, I never would have thought of that - you could lie - allegedly - I jest dear friends, who in our midst would dream of doing such a thing.

Sadly I have to attend to some more pressing issues, lest I get fired from my official position within this very understanding and supportive company, well I am really brilliant - a much loved person around here, if not elsewhere, but as this is such an altogether riveting subject, later, we'll have a closer look at other serious implications that could arise, or perhaps they already have arisen, regarding Insurance, Finance, Liability.

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