Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday Night Depressant Syndrome

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This posting is going to be short, haven't yet fully recovered from the earlier high speed trip, quite possibly it could overload the brain, mine in particular, and well it is Friday night don't you know - it's the night of glad rags, winding down with a few aperitifs, friends, gossiping, and you know the sort of thing.

Isn't it wonderful, with each passing day, you're a day older, and wiser, like today for instance - I learned something new.

Did you know, thought you might, one phone call is all it takes and a fully qualified electrical or gas inspector arrives at the door - the electrical or the gas installation is checked for safety, money is exchanged for a certificate assuring me that nowhere in my cosy little apartment, will I run the risk of being electrocuted, or overcome by poisonous fumes. On the other hand though, should I suffer some personal injury, or worse, due to the negligence of the safety inspector, there is a person, and a business (Limited Company) both of whom can be held responsible.

Why? Simple really, or so I've been advised - the Limited Company in accepting to carry out the safety assessment, and in charging me a fee, entered into a legally binding contract, plus - they presented me with a Safety Certificate.

Let's now consider another scenario, a motorcycle club, also a Limited Company, well most of them are these days, not looking such a good idea today though - anyway, I digress, this motorcycle club promotes a motorcycle road race on an annual basis, and each year they require a Certificate of approval - a Track Certificate, also referred to in some quarters, allegedly, as a Track Safety Certificate.

The procedure for obtaining this certificate is similar to the previous scenario, the customer contacts the MCUI-UC aka Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited who after receiving payment, allegedly send their officials to the circuit to be used for the aforementioned motorcycle road race, where said officials in their role as Roads Inspection Committee inspect the proposed circuit - then all things being equal, a Track Certificate approving the circuit for use as motorcycle road race event, is issued to the naturally delighted customer.

A legally binding contract was willingly entered into by the two parties, but in this scenario, tragedy strikes - the course was anything but safe, yet a team of officials - officials allegedly responsible for looking after competitors' and spectators' safety for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited had deemed the circuit to be safe, allegedly.

If the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited officials, were found to have been negligent, most likely, and this is another issue I sought clarification on, the Directors of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited could allegedly be held liable.

Likewise, if the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, God forbid, were to at some point in time send any incompetent buffoons to inspect a circuit, then the Directors could allegedly be held responsible, and allegedly be liable for any ensuing consequences.

What is interesting though is the rumour that allegedly and I do mean allegedly, there are those who are of the opinion, since the promoting clubs are running the events, it follows that the clubs, and their officials would possibly, allegedly be responsible should things go wrong.

Well my fellow travellers, as I've said, it's Friday night, let's not depress ourselves further, tomorrow is another new day, we will be another day older, hopefully somewhat wiser. Perhaps I will awaken with the knowledge that alcohol isn't good for the body, the mind - possibly yes - for a short time.

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