Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Fatted Lords of Hotel Le Hillton Farm

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The farmer - he'd heard the commotion, but best to ignore it all he'd thought, and why not - he'd other more pressing matters to deal with, something more aesthetically appealing - and sure weren't there all those morbidly obese gluttonous pigs shacked up out there like fattened Lords in Hotel Le Hilton Farm - free 5 star accommodation, free meal tickets, and all that lovely lolly to count - what was the point of him worrying - sure hadn't those fat pigs been in control for years.

Next morning though - in the wake of the overnight undignified public disagreement over farm yard health and safety, the chickens had flown their coup, the horses had bolted from the unlocked stables, the cows - they'd contracted mad cow disease, gone off to rave - and that wee girl Mary - she'd only gone off with the soddin' lambs.

And the morbidly obese gluttonous pigs - they'd also heard the commotion, told the dogs in the street - 'Sounded like a lot of nattering - you know - that's what all those crazy animals ever did you know - natter, natter, natter, natter - all day long - so wasn't it easier just to ignore them'

My apologies, I digress - really must stay away from farmers - especially late at night - God only knows what might happen when you're having fun. The whole place could come tumbling down around your ears - worse - no breakfast when the dishes have run away with the spoons.

Open and Transparent Government - who amongst us, hasn't heard, or read those much quoted words these past few years?

Open and transparent governance. No, not Stormont - my fault entirely - yes, I know Stormont should be leading by example, sadly though, our political leaders don't appear to have yet grasped the concept of meaningful openness and transparency in public administration, but what I'm referring to is the governing body of all things motorcycle sport within the boundaries of the nine county area that is Ulster.

According to their own rules, the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited have jurisdiction in all questions relating to the sport of motorcycling within the province of Ulster, and their very first objective is to act as Governing Body within the territory controlled by the Centre in all matters relating to motorcycle competitions.

Under their code of ethics the MCUI-UC agrees amongst other things, that sporting integrity is based on the acceptance of moral conduct and a sense of what is right. They also point out that unethical behaviours are unacceptable and they reserve the right to discipline any of its affiliated clubs and bodies, members, officials or competition license holders involved in such activities.

Furthermore, they agree to set a good example at all times, sign and agree to relevant Codes of Conduct - who'd have believed it? This can't possibly be the same Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited whose officials have allegedly brought our sport of motorcycle racing into disrepute - surely not!

If the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited is even remotely serious about saving our sport, then as our governing body, they can demonstrate their good intentions with immediate openness and transparency. Just for starters, they can explain why all of those responsible for the current crisis within our sport, have not been severely disciplined - and unceremoniously kicked out of their cushy offices.

The Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited must come clean - for instance, since they allegedly spend a mere pittance on safety measures to protect the riders and spectators, what are they doing with all of the generated funds. To begin with, they should without further delay, publish for all concerned to see and debate, exactly how much money is paid year on year - directly to the MCUI-UC officials, along with the cost of other officials benefits throughout the season - accommodation, meals, travel etc etc. And then there are the investments - how much - and where?

In the United States of America they allegedly have citizen empowerment, so I propose, we the fans of motorcycle road racing within the nine counties of Ulster, must be afforded spectator empowerment within the sport we unflinchingly support as paying spectators - customers.

Likewise, and rightly so, those who risk their lives the most, the riders, they must be afforded competitor empowerment within the sport they unflinchingly support, with extortionate entrance fees, and at times - their lives.

Our voices must be heard, and the concerns we have for our sport, and most especially the concerns we have regarding those responsible for it's virtual collapse through alleged negligence, must be heeded by Mr. Nelson McCausland the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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