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Deleted And Banned - The Forbidden Fruit Of Barbiegirl

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As mentioned in an earlier posting, I was recently banned from a forum because I dared to speak out on cyberspace, and here is the posting they didn't want anyone to read, a posting they deleted - perhaps it's a website that's not so far removed from the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited as some would have us believe.

More than likely, rather than debate, and take action over the following piece of confirmed news, many might prefer to bury their heads in the sand, discuss something else more trivial, and who knows, it just might be the right and proper course of action to take.

After all, it’s a course of action that seems to have worked for more than a hundred years, so why change the habits of a lifetime.

It’s officially been confirmed, in writing, to little insignificant me, that the Senior Coroner Mr. John Leckey has presented his report to the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure. Obviously by now, everyone should have an idea of what recommendations the report probably contains.

The Minister is to consider the points raised by Mr. Leckey, and take on board the views of others before deciding what course of action would be the most appropriate for him to take.

However, it would probably be accurate to say, that based on what’s already gone before, and the already publicly known views of Mr. Leckey, the options open to the Minister would seem to be somewhat restricted.

1) He could simply ban real road racing - on the grounds it presents an unacceptable risk to the competitors and those members of the public who choose to attend the events.

2) He could as has already been suggested, appoint a Health and Safety overseer, complete with several volumes of strict Health and Safety Laws, possibly even new Health and Safety Laws.

Technically, real road racing wouldn’t be banned, but since few, if any circuits would be capable of complying with the aforementioned Health and Safety Laws - it would be - Amen – just the same.

3) He could do nothing, simply ignore the report - the advice - the recommendations - the warnings – but if he were to do that, and we had another catastrophic incident, to whose door will the writs be delivered?

4) He could, and I would applaud him for it, politely request the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, that's the MCUI-UC – in the best interests of the sport - to go into liquidation, and then he could assist with the formation of a new governing body.

On the other hand, he probably doesn’t actually have those powers, so since I very much doubt that the MCUI-UC will ever do the decent thing – the future for our sport of motorcycle road racing, doesn’t look to rosy - even from a distance.

5) He could have a really, really, really devious plan tucked away up his sleeve – some very, very simple solution to the whole nasty problem. Either that, or something so extremely complex, a mere mortal like me would simply be incapable of comprehending or appreciating the sheer subtle brilliance of the plan.

6) Riders and fans alike have to ensure their voices are heard by the Minister, before it's too late. If you do nothing, and our sport is lost, or severely curtailed, just remember - I told you so!

To paraphrase Gandhi, if you want to make a change, be the best example of that change and others will follow, which is why my thoughts, concerns and suggestions have been on the desk of Mr Nelson McCausland - Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure, for the past three weeks.

For any slow learners still in our midst, as per usual, there are those who know - you know!

Save Our Sport From Evil

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