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Roll Up Roll Up - The MCUI-UC 3 Ring Circus Comes To Town!

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What a lovely man Rubén Xaus is, and not half good looking might I hasten to add - a Spanish Catalonian, perhaps just Catalonian, who as a rider, is - was always so endearingly entertaining - dramatically, spectacularly flinging his steed around the circuits of the World, the all arms, legs, action man of World Championship Motorcycle road racing, and so what if he had infrequent breathtaking crashes - he was after all - Rubén Xaus, and didn't we love him all the more with each of those passing crashes?

In these past few years though, there's been a change of opinion, Rubén has changed - he appears to have reinvented himself as the class clown - the frequency of the spectacular crashes have been intensifying - alarmingly so, and worse - other hapless riders are being added to the equation - the lovely, cuddly wee Nori Haga - he who collected an unbelievably well deserved 3rd and 5th at the WSBK season opener at Philip Island, Australia. Even taking his place on the grid for the start of that first race was something of an achievement - more likely it was by the grace of his God.

Alarm bells have to be ringing somewhere - as a starter for ten - within the BMW boardroom - four crashes during one race meeting - come to think of it, Rubén never actually progressed to the actual races - his crashes all occurred during practice sessions, the fourth and final one in morning warm-up, an incident that wiped an unsuspecting Nori Haga from the fastest, scariest corner on the course - and sent the Xerox Ducati to the breakers yard.

Unexplainably, I immediately thought of another class clown, another rider adept in the art of transforming the sport of motorcycle road racing - into the sport of Ten Pin Bowling - that first Josh Brookes strike was disgraceful, the hapless Sylvain Guintoli the only faller - less so after the second Philip Island race - the second strike much improved but unfortunately, the HM Plant Honda bowling ball somehow failed to take out the entire Mallory Park BSB list of entrants - several were left standing - only just though.

All through school, there was always a class clown, one of them in particular I recall, he was driven on by the adrenalin, the adoring fans - the fall guys - two of whom were lucky to escape from one of the clowns irresponsible stunts with their lives.

And the worst thing about all of these clowns - with practice, they develop this ability to eloquently explain away the fact the incident was of their own doing - disarmingly so - and you know what - they explain it all away with such conviction - you've just got to love them for it.

Sadly though, it's when you flick the coin over, and staring you in the face is the alleged egomaniacal complacent clown who has spent far too many years believing he is the all seeing eye of his alleged Lord and Ring Master, that alleged three ring circus - the MCUI-UC.

These alleged clowns are neither eloquent or disarmingly charming - the alleged clown for instance - sorry alleged convenor of the road inspection committee for looking after competitors' and spectators' safety for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, who so endeared himself to motorcycle racing fans everywhere when he warmly, charmingly, intelligently, eloquently - allegedly said, during the John Donnan Inquest, in response to the chief marshal at the 2007 Tandragee 100 claiming in his evidence, that he had warned the safety officers of the dangers of the now infamous killer chicane - 'I can't remember the man saying anything sensible other than nattering away in my ear. If someone is constantly coming at you it is easier just to ignore them"

And the worst thing about all of these particular alleged clowns of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited alleged three ring circus - they actually allegedly believe their own alleged propaganda, the alleged lies - and you know what - we have to rid our sport of this alleged three ring circus, and it's alleged troupe of clowns.

Warmest congratulations to Eugene Laverty for his runaway win in the first round of the 2010 World Supersport Championship and to Jonathan Rea whose fighting spirit saw him come back from 22nd position to finish sixth in the second race, and what a race that was! MotoGP - eat your heart out! Match that if you can - and we'll all be extremely happy little bunnies throughout this new season.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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