Thursday, 25 February 2010

An Apology From A Cyberspace Black Hole

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Having been just recently accosted by a few friends complaining bitterly because I'd failed to reply to messages they'd sent me - a heartfelt apology is due to everybody who has taken the time to send me messages via my online Contact Form and not received a reply.

Sadly, none of those messages ever arrived at their end destination - my email inbox, nor it seems will they ever arrive, certainly not in this lifetime. Instead they're apparently languishing in some unbelievably deep black hole in outer cyberspace, never to see the great light of day.

Just goes to show what I know about the finer technicalities of web page design and scripting - exactly sweet nothing - that's what.

Thanks though to my more Internet savvy friend’s advice, and the much appreciated assistance in setting up the new contact script using the free online form generator over at - five minutes and my messaging problems had bee fully sorted.

Now up, tested and running at full throttle - the new free contact form acquired from works a treat, and just as promised - ever so easily embedded into my Barbiegirl Real Road Racing Northern Ireland Blog - least that's what my friends have told me.

You can now see and use the new form on my Contact Barbiegirl page.

Who'd have thought it - a posting within which there isn't one single refernce to the MCUI-UC aka Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited

Save Our Sport From Evil

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